Tuesday, July 25, 2023


The Marquis family + Josh left Kisii at 4:00 this morning (Kenya time) to begin their trip back home. It was a short visit to the orphanage, but a very packed one and a visit that will not be forgotten, both for them and for the kids.

The following is Joanna’s final post:


Sunday afternoon after lunch, we had an impromptu dancing session with a group of the kids. They were very interested to learn an American dance, and so we taught them the simple moves to "Macarena" as that is just what we happened to come up with on the spot as something simple and catchy. đŸ˜…

Then they taught us some dance moves, and we had many laughs and lots of fun.

They wanted to learn more so Addison taught them the moves to "church clap."



Sylvia from South Dakota and her team, as well as Lois from Illinois and her ladies all worked together to make these feminine product reusable kits for the older girls at the orphanage and women of the community. They did a lot of hard work and preparation and made huge effort to deliver all these to me before we left on the trip! So thankful for their service in this way!!


We were able to pass out more sweets and treats and notebooks, markers, stickers, etc. As I mentioned before, the kids LOVED having their photos taken! They would constantly ask for pictures of us together with them. We also had a little fun with filters and their great amusement over something so simple was heartwarming!


It was hard to pull away at the end of the day from all the new friends we were getting to know better!!

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