Wednesday, July 26, 2023


I have to backtrack again. Yesterday I put on the post about the final day at the orphanage, which I too quickly assumed was Sunday. I guess technically that was correct, but the Marquis + Josh did not leave their hotel until Tuesday morning.

What did they do all day Monday?

Joanna’s post is below:

Monday morning we went to visit all 3 schools where the children attend. This was very

interesting to see how the kids attend school. It was very fun for our kids to be able to see their new friends in their school environment.

Whenever we would arrive at a school, the Kenyan kids would start yelling the names of my kids to connect with them. Each school treated us with suchhonor! They assembled all the classes together and wanted us to introduce ourselves, and say a few words, etc.


We all have so many thoughts and still taking time to process everything. Ben and I have been talking at length about so many things. This time visiting the orphanage was very helpful and impactful for us. It feels like since we've now had first-hand experience there, we are better able to consider and think about everything. There are so many factors and layers to this situation!

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