Thursday, January 28, 2021


If you scroll down on this blog past the sermon post and then the post of the Orphan’s Notes
of Gratitude, you will come to the post entitled, “The Next Phase for the Orphanage.”

Up until this time in the orphanage, we have struggled to supply the kids with food and other daily needs, medical care, and assuring that they could attend school. By God’s grace and the help of many kind people, we have been able to build a very nice dormitory for the children, which has been a huge benefit and blessing.

But now is perhaps the time to think about the next phase. We believe this orphanage is filling a big need in the community, and it is a need that will not disappear. Thus, we think that it is the time to begin to think about the future.

With that in mind, about a week and a half ago, I wrote to Pastor Joel and the leadership with some proposals that they should investigate. Today I received their report.

The entire report is a 10-page proposal, but to get an idea of what we are thinking, here is part of it. We hope to move ahead with the double initiative of beginning a school, and at the same time concentrating of a gardening project. These are separate in some ways, but also complimentary of one another.

Please read and pray:



DATE: 25th JAN. 2021

Name of organization:                        LOG Orphanage Home

PROJECT TITLE:                              LOG Orphanage Home School and Gardening Project

Project Proposal Title:                         LOG School and Gardening Project Proposal

Proposal problem: 

Need to have school for orphan children and garden to produce food products for the children.

Description of Problem

LOG orphanage Home fosters Orphans and needy children from the surrounding communities. Because of the swelling number of children of this kind, public schools that are supposed to cater for keep complaining of congestion in classrooms. This ends up at mistreating and mishandling of the children we send to these schools from our orphanage home. This necessitates that we have a school for our centre, where the children can learn without disturbance or mistreatment. Besides school administration, other children keep teasing them. This may affect their learning.

Secondly, sometimes food staffs are expensive and purchasing food for all of them is cumbersome because of this the centre leaders were of an opinion that the orphanage start a gardening project. This project apart from being a source of food materials for the children it will also be a learning resource for them. If expanded, it can also be a source of the orphanage home income.

Way forward

To liaise   with possible sponsor(s),  friends and well-wishers for possible funding. This will help to start a school that will gradually grow over time and alongside also start a gardening project that will also grow overtime.


a)      School

Learners will have conducive learning environment

They will not need to walk long distances to search for education

School can be used to train them on new skills to make them self-reliant

In future school can became a source of income as other children from able families can be admitted on small school fee.


b)     Gardening

Will ensure of sufficiency of food supply

Money to buy food staff can be used for other beneficial work.

Garden will be a learning resource centre

Will help train children on responsibility




1.      Improvement of children’s academic  performance

2.      Reduction in cases of complaints from the children

3.      Growing of population in school and recording of positive index.

4.      Improvement of children’s health

5.      Expansion of school and gardening projects overtime.

Targeted population/beneficiaries

i)                    Orphan and vulnerable children from the community

ii)                  Community members

iii)                The church members

iv)                Employees especially who will work in the school

v)                  Suppliers of inputs to school and garden projects

vi)                Agricultural extension officers

vii)              Transport service provides

viii)            The teaching staff

ix)                The church pastors and the clergy at large


Justification of proposal

i)                    Project needs to start at manageable level and then established to grow and expend gradually.

ii)                  The vulnerable and separate orphan children needs our attention

iii)                The school will be a centre of excellence where hope will be given to the hopeless.

iv)                The jobless will find jobs that will enable to improve their families, therefore improving community development

v)                  The gardening project will impart skills into the children and youth making them self reliant as early in life as possible.

vi)                The orphanage   home and the LOG church have human resource capacity capable of managing and implementing every policy made within the institutions.

vii)              The climate and fertile soil is most suitable for agricultural activities.


a)      Coverage: To cover the immediate community and neighboring communities extending to neighboring countries

b)      Time Span: Five years expansion time and the sustained too many years to come


The remainder of this report includes an Action Plan, a plan for Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessment, Feedback, Management of the Project, Organization Structure, Human Resource Capacity, Risk Management, Sustainability, Project Expenditures for both the School and the Garden, and Expected Outcome.

As you can see, they put a lot of thought and work into this report. If you would like to read it in its entirety, please let me know.

Thanks also for your prayers. Your interest and prayers are greatly appreciated!

If you would like to help the children of the Log Church Orphanage of Kisii, Kenya, you may make your check out to “The Log Church” and write “Orphans” on the memo line.

Send it to:
The Log Church
PO Box 68
Tripoli Wisconsin 54564

We now need to pay a wire transfer fee with every payment, which amounts to $50 each time, but other than that, your donated money will be used only for purchasing food, clothing, schooling, and other necessities of living. We wait until we have $4000-$5000 before we make the bank transfer to make each transfer more economical. Nothing is held back or diverted for any other purpose. Thanks!

Thursday, January 21, 2021



Thanks giving letter

I thank God for everything has done to me.

I thank God for all who have helped us throughout this year. God bless you all.

ALEX ONDUSO (Child of worker)

Thanks giving letter

I give thanks to the Lord for what he has done to me. I give thanks again to my Pastor for the help that he has helped me to go to school. I am praying that in the year 2021 on 4th January God will remove this pandemic and the school  will be opened and God will open ways to get more school fees and God will provide everything we need in this orphanage and the church.


Thanks to God

 First I take this chance to thank God for everything I also thank Him for providing leaders who support me, I thank you for proving me with food, shelter and clothing may God bless you and provide more for us.


Thanks giving letter

I want to thank God for the gift of life and the protection since in the wombs of our mothers till today. We thank God because he protects us from twenty twenty up to twenty one. We pray so that God opens her doors to receive the school fees of 1st January may God bless you I thank God because he protect me from many sickness such as covid-19  and many others I also thank God for providing donors and leaders around me who teaches us his ways and provides us with our needs may God bless our pastors and provide them more to continue supporting us.


Thanks giving

I take this opportunity to thank God for everything that he provides to us. I pray to my pastors and Pastor Don, Vivian and others so that God bless them to continue to support us. I thank God for the gift givens us from as from the year started up the end and also I will continue to pray to God to provide other basic needs for the year that we are going to start. Pray God to open more doors so that our pastors to get school fees and other needs.


Thanks Giving

I want to thank might God for the care he cared for me from childhood up to now,  from the year starts u[ to this end of the year. And I want to take this fine moment to say hello to my pastor and other pastors who are supports us and to thank them for their guidance they had guide has from the year start up to this time.

In addition I pray to almighty father of provide for us to get other need like school fees, books and many. May God bless you.


Thanks Giving

I am Brain Ombati we have thanks giving am said to pastor Joel is a good servant in this Orphans care my God bless pastor Joel and my God provide the way  you to me I thank  God for this service to other my God is a provider I am said thank you and my God answer your question to me. In this season am opening of schools we have many things in school am said to God 

Oh Lord answer the question on the school many of the question is we have school fees and books and uniform that is the question in the school and in the home we have the same like the food, clothes, shoes, bad, blankets and matrasses my God answer that question and my God open the way and provide that thing am said to God to answer to me and bless pastor Joel for this provision. God talk to me in this year 2021 we have many ways my God provide us and others.

Thanks giving letter Thanks giving letter

I want to take this short time to thank my Lord for this gift of life without any payment even a shilling. Also I want to thank Him for His care since I was born up to now,

Father –more I want to take this opportunity to thank my beloved pastors for the care and mercy which they had showed on us. Since we came to there our pastors have taken care of us. Thank you for your support. May the lord open his own ways so that you can continue supporting us. Thank you for your mercy. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Here is an email that I recently sent to Pastor Joel and the leadership of the church and orphanage in Kisii. Please read it and pray along with us about what we are considering.


Dear Pastor Joel and leadership,

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. I have some significant things to write about and for your consideration and prayer. These are good things, and we praise God for what he is doing and will do.

As we look ahead for the future years of the orphanage, we know that it is always in God’s hands and that we can only do what is given for today. However, I know that we agree when we say that we need to do what we can to prepare for future years. We need to do what we can now, so that the work of the orphanage can continue into the future years.

With that in mind, perhaps the time has come when we begin to think and to pray about beginning the next phase of the work in Kisii.

You know from my last visit that I think that beginning a hydroponic garden would be beneficial, since it would help in providing vegetables for the orphanage, besides being a source of learning for the children. They could be the ones in charge of caring for it and could learn some important ways of securing food with little space to grow.

I know that there are problems with beginning this, the source of water being one of the major ones. As we were talking when I was there, having a tank that could be filled with a water truck, and then using the water at least three times. It could be used for washing, then for the garden, and lastly used for flushing the toilets. If we have to pay for the water, we need to get all of the use out of it that we can.

Of course it would be easier to have a borehole, and that would be good if the Lord supplied. However, the disadvantage of having easy water access is that we tend to become wasteful. I think that beginning with a tank may even be preferable, since it would teach us all about wise water usage.

Another difficulty with a garden of this type is that it would require someone who had good knowledge on how to set it up. It also requires many different types of piping and some pumps, as well as other things. It would be a huge undertaking to do it in a big scale, but I think it would be good to begin with a small garden, and in that way we all could learn how to make it work on a small scale before trying anything extensive.

But a garden is only one idea and one of the needs of the orphanage. We had also talked about beginning a school, which of course would require an additional building. I do not know if we have the space for that, but you can advise. I think when we built the dormitory, it was built strong enough to provide for a second level, if that need should ever arise. It is a big expense, but it is something that we should talk about.

The chief mentioned a medical clinic. This is something that could benefit the entire village but seems to me like it would be too large of an undertaking for the present. However, you know the situation, including who we could get to staff it.

There are so many things to consider, and that is why I would like the leadership to pray and discuss this at length. We do not know what God will do in the future, but perhaps now is the time to begin to move ahead in faith.

It is very important that whatever we end up beginning, it is done in a manner that is sustainable. In my experiences in several countries of the world, I have seen too many projects that have been begun by well-meaning people but which had, after a few years, been simply abandoned or brought to ruin. We cannot allow this to happen. We are handling the Lord’s money given to us by people of good faith. We are stewards, and it is required of a steward that they be found trustworthy (1 Corinthians 4:2).

It is a lot to consider in this email, but kindly read through it slowly as a group and pray about each possibility. Perhaps there are others that I have not mentioned.

No doubt you are wondering how much money do we have to work with? The answer is “I don’t know.” It is not a huge amount and would not be enough to do any of these projects completely, but as we did with the dormitory, we first bought the bricks. That is all that we had to begin. The bricks sat in a pile for some months until we had enough money to begin construction. Then at each step, as God supplied the funds, He allowed us to complete a very nice dormitory.

It will be the same with this.

God’s blessings to you as you begin to consider these things with prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Love and Prayers, Pastor Don

Thursday, January 14, 2021


Dear Beloved Dad, Mum, Church and friends,

Greetings in Jesus name, we thank God for the provision received sent through the friends and readers of the blog post of Pastor Don and Vivian, we are humbled once again for the care you have cared for the Log orphanage Kenya.

We request your prayers for the children God to keep caring and providing for them. We to thank God for your prayers also you are in prayers, may prosper you, allow us today to share more on the churches in Kenya, we are humbled for your prayers we are seeing the lives of people here being transformed and changed more are coming to Christ who have never accepted Christ now

They are spreading the fame of Jesus Christ; our prayers are with you all. Thanks for your support and prayers for the work in Kenya. We welcome your prayers.

Below is the food purchase

260 kilograms of maize

     One kgs =Ksh.250 x 260kgs =Ksh.62 900

290kgs of rice.

     1KGS =Ksh. 200 x300kgs =Ksh.60, 000

Sugar 50kg

     1kg=ksh.200 x50kgs=Ksh.10, 000.

Sanitizer Ksh. 4400

Transport cost Ksh. 5900.

Cooking Oil 37 litres

     One litre =Ksh. 260 x37litres =9,700

Vegetables 83 kgs.

     1kgs =Ksh. 180x83kgs=Ksh.15000

Beans 167 kgs.

     One Kg of beans =Ksh. 300 x 167kgs =Ksh. 50,000

Masks (for those of the church who could not afford them) Ksh.6000

The daily consumption Ksh.19845.Total food purchase Ksh.220,000.Now Ksh.220,000 divide by daily meals Ksh.19845=11day.Our food which was in store was to get finished 10/1/2021.Now we add ten days of new food to store. Our food in store will run out Tuesday 19/1/2021.We request your prayers.

We paid Ksh.35,000 to clear metal sheets debt.


Schools fees report. We paid as follows:

Rianyakwara Primary Paid Ksh.80, 000 fees balance =Ksh.55, 200

Kimai DEB Primary paid Ksh.60, 000 fees Balance Ksh.44, 000

Matagaro Secondary Paid Ksh.100, 000 fees balance Ksh.130, 000.

               Total for Primary and Secondary fees 

Balance =229,200

Thanks for your prayers which have made us to this far may God protect you all. We request your prayers for the food, school fees, clothing, borehole, house of worship metal sheets, God to open more
opportunity to reach more souls. Beloved pray for the orphanage to have orphanage Van we have challenge to walk the long distance with sick children from to the health facility kindly pray for us orphanage van to take children to hospital and to do some work within the orphanage.

Finally all leadership thank you and all who are behind the Log Orphanage Kenya also children are happy and humbled for the provision receive their thanks giving. God bless you all. Really appreciate all your work and love God blesses you once again.

Yours Son Joel and Log Church/Orphanage Kenya.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021



I thank God for this opportunity and the gift of life I also thank Him for providing us with good health for those who sacrifices themselves to provide for us with food, clothes, shelter and everything we need. God bless you and give you more to continue helping us.


Re: thanks giving letter

I take this chance to thank God for the gift of life. I thank God for the provision of food since the year started. I pray to God to open ways so that we can get school fees and other needs I thank him for the protection since covid 19 started. May the Lord bless who donates for us Amen.


I want to take this opportunity to thank God for the gift of life that he has given us.  He has protect my fellow kids and pastors even from the year started be was our shield.

I want to thank him also for protecting us from the pandemic disease. He will also protect us until the schools will be opened. Also I want to thank pastors for keeping on with the work that God has given them  Lord I want you to provide for us school  uniforms, school fees, shoes and many other things to continue with schooling, help our pastors and bless them abundantly. I pray Lord so that you may open ways for the provision of food guide us till the end. Amen.

Thanks giving letter


I thank God for the gift of life. I am happy to be here with my friends, my Pastor, our neighbors. I think you are enjoying your life. I want to thank God because He has care for us from the year starts until the year ends. I am praying so that   we may get   anything we want to go to school in January 4/2021. I will continue to pray God bless you so much.


I take this opportunity to thank God for the gift of life I take this opportunity to thank pastors for good support given to and appreciate your care me from 2020 up 2021 with dangerous sickness like covid 19. I am so happy and proud pastors thanks you for food clothes may God bless you.


Thanks giving letter

I thank God for helping me in this year. He has made my life a wonderful one He has done great things for me. He has made me a person. I thank God for providing food, clothing, and good health without any sickness I thank God for protecting me from harmful sickness. I pray for my pastors may God grant them good health God reward our pastor to have school fee because we are about to open schools prayers are that God to provide school fee in Jesus Name.

ESTHER ONTIRI (A Daughter of One of the Workers)

God thank you for the gift of life place am happy no matter what has this year you helped us against this deadly corona I thank you for providing us with around us who offer to help us with school fees food clothes and place to sleep I pray that the year 2021 you provide for us and help.


I will like to take this opportunity to thank God for his life he has given us without payment may you keep us in pray. Thanks God bless you.

Sunday, January 3, 2021


There are not many people in America who will tell you that the year 2020 was a fantastic year for them. This same thing could probably be said of most people in the entire world. We are all looking forward to hanging a new calendar on our walls—one that is headed by the numbers 2-0-2-1.

We know the new calendar does not actually alter the situation. A calendar is simply twelve pieces of paper stapled together that mark the days and the months. Right now, at the beginning of 2021, covid is still here and the government still is inefficient, self-serving and hyper-partisan. Added to those distressing truths is the fact that most jobs have not yet recovered, and many personal difficulties and crises still remain.

Nevertheless, it is true that there is something about casting the old year out that is oddly cathartic. We did this in our home on New Year’s Eve—we cast off the old year. Actually, it is more accurate to say, we “blew it up.” This year my family and I observed a New Year’s Eve custom that we have not done since the days we lived in Venezuela.

Blowing Up the Old Man

On the first New Year’s Eve that my family and I lived in that country of South America, we were introduced to a New Year’s custom called “blowing up the old man.”