Sunday, July 21, 2019


One of the most intriguing statements in Scripture concerning human history was made by the Apostle Paul when he was addressing the people of Athens in the Aeropagus of that city in Greece. The citizens of Athens had invited him to speak on his beliefs about God, since Paul was bringing to them some teachings that they had not before heard.

The Athenians were polytheistic in their beliefs, meaning that they had many gods. There were hundreds of images of various gods sculpted in stone that lined the streets of the city. In case the people had missed one, they even set up one captioned with the inscription, “To An Unknown God,”

A visitor to the city, one Epimenides from Crete, after viewing these statues as he walked the streets made the comment, “Finding gods in this city must be easier than finding men.”

Friday, July 19, 2019


The Church in the Beginning
Since my main concern in these Kisii Reports has been for the orphans and their provision, I have not written much about the Log Church of Kenya itself.

It is not an old church, having begun under the shade of a canopy of branches only a couple of years before the Lord also called me to be involved.

I think that I must have mentioned that it was begun by four friends who felt a burden for the area, Pastors Joel, Vincent and Douglas, and Elder Benjamin. These men work very hard, visiting the houses of the area and telling the people about Christ.
Kenya is a country that is strongly Christian in their present-day culture, but in that remote area, there is still much paganism and witchcraft. The story of Jesus is new to many people.


The Size of the Church
When I First Visited in 2017
The church in Kenya is growing quickly. They no longer meet under a canopy of banana leaves, but have put up a mud building (wattle and daub).