Monday, July 24, 2023


If you care to take notice, you will see that I changed the title of the previous post from “A Busy Sunday!” to “A Busy Saturday!”

It makes sense that the events on the post from yesterday happened on Saturday, since I did not know how they managed to get all that done after church. I know that the worship service goes on for 4 or 5 hours, so I was amazed that they could get all the things done in yesterday’s post in the afternoon.

It turns out—they didn’t. They played wiffle ball, soccer, made bracelets, and all the rest on Saturday.

Today’s post is about what happened on Sunday. 

Here is what Joanna writes:

Late Saturday night, Pastors Vincent and Joel came to our hotel to drop off the traditional African outfits they specially made for us! They must've worked hard as they only had taken our measurements that morning! We loved them! And of course they fit everyone perfectly!!


My kids were absolute magnets for the kids from the orphanage!! They could not stop touching them! They wanted to hold hands, touch their hair, and were just in awe of them. Everything the kids did they thought was funny. The older ones wanted to take many photos.


We were treated like royal guests and felt so honored! The kids were able to go on stage and dance with the Kenyan kids. Ben and Josh shared scripture and short messages.


As I mentioned, the service was very powerful!! It lasted for 4+ hours and there was much praise and worship and dancing. We are not used to such lively and charismatic worship! Lots of shouting and singing, etc. Then we actually witnessed several intense spiritual situations in which demons were cast out of several women

and the Holy Spirit was instilled in some of the other people who came forward. There was climatic and loud music and screaming and thrashing and fainting and we were humbled to be able to witness it all.

After service, we were able to provide a special meal for all the congregation for which they were very grateful. 

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