Tuesday, January 12, 2021



I thank God for this opportunity and the gift of life I also thank Him for providing us with good health for those who sacrifices themselves to provide for us with food, clothes, shelter and everything we need. God bless you and give you more to continue helping us.


Re: thanks giving letter

I take this chance to thank God for the gift of life. I thank God for the provision of food since the year started. I pray to God to open ways so that we can get school fees and other needs I thank him for the protection since covid 19 started. May the Lord bless who donates for us Amen.


I want to take this opportunity to thank God for the gift of life that he has given us.  He has protect my fellow kids and pastors even from the year started be was our shield.

I want to thank him also for protecting us from the pandemic disease. He will also protect us until the schools will be opened. Also I want to thank pastors for keeping on with the work that God has given them  Lord I want you to provide for us school  uniforms, school fees, shoes and many other things to continue with schooling, help our pastors and bless them abundantly. I pray Lord so that you may open ways for the provision of food guide us till the end. Amen.

Thanks giving letter


I thank God for the gift of life. I am happy to be here with my friends, my Pastor, our neighbors. I think you are enjoying your life. I want to thank God because He has care for us from the year starts until the year ends. I am praying so that   we may get   anything we want to go to school in January 4/2021. I will continue to pray God bless you so much.


I take this opportunity to thank God for the gift of life I take this opportunity to thank pastors for good support given to and appreciate your care me from 2020 up 2021 with dangerous sickness like covid 19. I am so happy and proud pastors thanks you for food clothes may God bless you.


Thanks giving letter

I thank God for helping me in this year. He has made my life a wonderful one He has done great things for me. He has made me a person. I thank God for providing food, clothing, and good health without any sickness I thank God for protecting me from harmful sickness. I pray for my pastors may God grant them good health God reward our pastor to have school fee because we are about to open schools prayers are that God to provide school fee in Jesus Name.

ESTHER ONTIRI (A Daughter of One of the Workers)

God thank you for the gift of life place am happy no matter what has this year you helped us against this deadly corona I thank you for providing us with around us who offer to help us with school fees food clothes and place to sleep I pray that the year 2021 you provide for us and help.


I will like to take this opportunity to thank God for his life he has given us without payment may you keep us in pray. Thanks God bless you.

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