Thursday, January 21, 2021



Thanks giving letter

I thank God for everything has done to me.

I thank God for all who have helped us throughout this year. God bless you all.

ALEX ONDUSO (Child of worker)

Thanks giving letter

I give thanks to the Lord for what he has done to me. I give thanks again to my Pastor for the help that he has helped me to go to school. I am praying that in the year 2021 on 4th January God will remove this pandemic and the school  will be opened and God will open ways to get more school fees and God will provide everything we need in this orphanage and the church.


Thanks to God

 First I take this chance to thank God for everything I also thank Him for providing leaders who support me, I thank you for proving me with food, shelter and clothing may God bless you and provide more for us.


Thanks giving letter

I want to thank God for the gift of life and the protection since in the wombs of our mothers till today. We thank God because he protects us from twenty twenty up to twenty one. We pray so that God opens her doors to receive the school fees of 1st January may God bless you I thank God because he protect me from many sickness such as covid-19  and many others I also thank God for providing donors and leaders around me who teaches us his ways and provides us with our needs may God bless our pastors and provide them more to continue supporting us.


Thanks giving

I take this opportunity to thank God for everything that he provides to us. I pray to my pastors and Pastor Don, Vivian and others so that God bless them to continue to support us. I thank God for the gift givens us from as from the year started up the end and also I will continue to pray to God to provide other basic needs for the year that we are going to start. Pray God to open more doors so that our pastors to get school fees and other needs.


Thanks Giving

I want to thank might God for the care he cared for me from childhood up to now,  from the year starts u[ to this end of the year. And I want to take this fine moment to say hello to my pastor and other pastors who are supports us and to thank them for their guidance they had guide has from the year start up to this time.

In addition I pray to almighty father of provide for us to get other need like school fees, books and many. May God bless you.


Thanks Giving

I am Brain Ombati we have thanks giving am said to pastor Joel is a good servant in this Orphans care my God bless pastor Joel and my God provide the way  you to me I thank  God for this service to other my God is a provider I am said thank you and my God answer your question to me. In this season am opening of schools we have many things in school am said to God 

Oh Lord answer the question on the school many of the question is we have school fees and books and uniform that is the question in the school and in the home we have the same like the food, clothes, shoes, bad, blankets and matrasses my God answer that question and my God open the way and provide that thing am said to God to answer to me and bless pastor Joel for this provision. God talk to me in this year 2021 we have many ways my God provide us and others.

Thanks giving letter Thanks giving letter

I want to take this short time to thank my Lord for this gift of life without any payment even a shilling. Also I want to thank Him for His care since I was born up to now,

Father –more I want to take this opportunity to thank my beloved pastors for the care and mercy which they had showed on us. Since we came to there our pastors have taken care of us. Thank you for your support. May the lord open his own ways so that you can continue supporting us. Thank you for your mercy. 

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