Thursday, September 26, 2019


Earlier this summer, some friends of ours from Onalaska held an event that seemed like it was fun for them, and it also was of benefit for the Kisii orphans. They set up a lemonade stand to collect money to send to Kenya.

I actually should have written of this earlier when we were still in the heat of the summer months and not wait until this morning when our thermometer said 41º, but the idea that they had also inspired us to set up a lemonade stand at our church picnic a couple of weeks ago for the same purpose. I wanted to wait and intended to include photos from both events.
The intention was there, but the follow-through was not. We did have a very nice lemonade stand also at our church picnic which was set up by one of our church ladies, but I am not accustomed to pointing my phone at everything and I forgot all about taking a picture of it.

But our friend from Onalaska was better. She took photos of their stand! Here is the group of them, and of course I have to include a close-up of two of my own granddaughters who were part in the event.
As far as happenings in Kisii, the orphanage is again going through
a period of having no food. This actually happens with regularity there, but I do not keep writing about it each time. Just know that if God is urging you to give, then you should not delay. The need is always there.

I have communication with Pastor Joel almost on a daily basis, so I am always aware of the current situation. We do this by exchanging texts of our phones. Here are those from last couple of days: 

If you would like to help the children of the Log Church Orphanage
of Kisii, Kenya, you may make your check out to "The Log Church" and write "Orphans" on the memo line.

Send it to:
The Log Church
PO Box 68
Tripoli, Wisconsin 54564 

Every nickel given in this way will be used for only aid for the orphans. It will be used for purchasing food, clothing, schooling, and other necessities of living. Nothing is held back or diverted for any other purpose


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