Thursday, January 24, 2019


First item on the agenda after arriving in Kisii—sleep.

I have my same room and same bed in the same hotel as I did last time. It worked well for me then, and it worked well for me this time. I woke up a couple hours ago after what I  think must have been in a four or five hour torpidity (if that’s a word).

From the two photos, you may think that the hotel is somewhat of a dive, but it is actually a very comfortable place.

Sure, the room is so small that the bed mostly takes up the entire room with only about a five-foot space with a small night stand on one side and you have to squeeze around the foot of the bed to get to the bathroom. But the reason that the bed takes up most of the room is because it is a king-sized bed with a mosquito netting canopy.

Sure, there is a petrol station/bus stop right outside my
window with trucks and busses pulling in and out all night. But the ability to sleep is the one and only thing that I am really good at.

In fact my grandsons James and William will tell you that it is my super power (I have chosen to use my super power for good instead of evil).

The hotel is clean, the people friendly and trustworthy, the prices reasonable, and I will say that the bed is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.
Also, there is a good coffee shop/cafe where I happen to be right now.

After my sleep, I feel great, but it is almost 10:00 at night—way past my bed time when I am home. The problems is, of course, my body seems to think that it is still home and is telling me that it is time to go out and feed the cows.

I’ll get straightened out eventually, but I may have to call upon my super power tonight.

This all builds my admiration considerably for those who fly around the world on a regular basis and are still expected to be coherent when they arrive on both ends of their journeys.

When I was flying regularly, it was mostly to and from the counties of Latin America—so south and north. Not a big strain on one’s inner clock. But even with that, I still used it as an excuse.

Pastors Joel, Vincent and Douglas met me at the Kisumu airport, along with Amos the driver. It was so good to see them all. We spoke of what we want to do while I am here, and I am going to meet them for tea in the morning so we can begin.

I need to see that building, of course. The children are in school so I may or may not see them tomorrow, but I think that it is Friday when Joel has scheduled for me to visit one or two of the schools.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

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