Tuesday, January 22, 2019


By my bleary-minded reckoning, it has been 34 hours since Vivian and I pulled out of our driveway in Spirit to go to the airport. But my trip to Kisii is not yet finished. I arrived in Nairobi fine, and it is almost 1:00 AM in Kenya right now. It has not been many minutes since I retrieved my checked luggage and went though customs.

I check into my domestic flight to Kisumu in about 4 hours, where my friend (from last time) Amos the taxi driver will pick me up to drive up to Kisii. I do not know what the drive-time is, but I will find out later today.

Naturally, I am not getting a hotel here in Nairobi. I did last time when I came, but at that time I was completely ignorant about what to expect on my arrival, and I did not want to take too many chances.

I am no longer completely ignorant about Kenya, just mostly ignorant, so I decided rather than to take time to spend a night and the extra day and money in Nairobi, I would just stay at the airport until my next flight.

That is why I am writing this tonight, for I expect by tomorrow I will not only be only bleary-minded, but I will be barely conscious.

I have to say that on my flight down here  from London, I was feeling pretty blue. I missed Vivian and I was wondering how she was doing with the cold weather and the animals and all.

I could not imagine that I would ever want to make this trip again, and in fact was already working it out in my mind how I could just explain to someone else who is interested how to get here rather than to bring them.

However, that depression left after I arrived and as I again began to have my conversations with the Kenyans. The people here are the most kind and hospitable people that I have ever encountered in my travels around to different countries.

“Let my ask you just one more question…” I said to one official here after I felt I was really imposing on him with the many questions that I had already asked.

“Do not say, ‘one more question,’” he replied. “Ask me ten more questions! I am here to serve you!”

I think that there was a day when it was like this with public officials the US, and I am sure there are still are some with this perspective. But I have to say, I felt very welcomed here.

"Karibu!" (Welcome)

Vivian also wrote to me by email and said things were going well, but I hear that there are some more cold days ahead for Wisconsin.

May the Lord sustain you, sweetie!

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