Thursday, January 24, 2019


…And sleep I did (see previous post).

In fact, it was after 8:00 when I woke up. It was much later than I wanted to get up, but at times I am not completely able to control my super power. But it is just as well, because today (Thursday) was extremely full of activities, in fact, a little too full.

I had to hustle to get ready and be out the door. I will not be able to write everything we did today in this post, but will have to cover them in future posts. But as a quick review, these are the activities of the day.
I'll talk to Joel about slowing things down a little tomorrow

1. We first went to see the dormitory for which many of you have given money to help build. Of course it is still incomplete, but it is looking good.

2. We then went to view the land that they have on which to raise food. It is a quarter acre that they have planted in kale along with some bananas and a couple of avocado trees.

3. I asked to see how they were able to sleep the children at the present time. They were sleeping in the church building, but of course this made it difficult for service preparation. They are presently renting a couple of very small rooms (about 10 x 12)  adjacent to the church property.

4. Then the children came home from school for lunch. It is a half-hour walk for them to and from school. They walk four times a day.

5. We also had lunch. The local chief with his deputy came to join us, and I got to meet them and explain to him my role in this project. He was very happy to hear it.

6. We then went to the local municipality office, where I signed their book of visitors with my information.
7. It was also market day in the village, so we spent some time walking through the market so I could see the local wares and produce and take some photos.

8. Then we had a meeting with the staff of the orphanage so I could know who they are. I expressed to them my gratitude for taking care of these lovely children of God.

I think that there were a couple other things in here as well. When I review the photos, I will probably see them.
Not much here on each item, but I will try to cover these one by one on future posts.
Time for bed again.

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