Tuesday, January 8, 2019


In less than two weeks I will leave for Kisii. As I did on my trip a little more than a year ago, I plan on writing about it every day as I travel and as I am there. In this way I hope that all of you can know what I see, and what I am thinking.

I also hope there will be pictures. My camera and my laptop are from yesterday’s technology and I am not sure of the compatibility of it all, but I think it will work.

I encourage you to read these posts to see if the questions you have about what is happening there will be answered by what I write.
I also will be encouraging you to email to me any questions that you have and that I may not have thought to ask the people there.

I write a lot about this orphanage on this blog, as any follower knows, but even with this, I have found that there are some misconceptions about the work there.
One person told me that I was doing “village rebuilding,” or in other words, I was trying to rebuild an entire village infrastructure. I am not entirely sure where this individual got his information (I think that he was just assuming many things), but it is nothing so grand as that and it is NOT the work that the Lord has given me to do.

There have been a few other comments made to me that demonstrated a lack of understanding what the task actually is, and that is why I am encouraging all who are interested to read the posts and ask me questions.

I will be writing more about all of this in upcoming posts, but in short I will tell you simply:
All of the money that has been provided to me from the Lord for this work, both that of Vivian and I, and also through other individuals, have gone 100% directly to help the orphans. Nothing, not even one dollar, is channeled into other uses, put toward administration costs or any "other expenses."

The building project that we are involved with is for the children.
The food purchased is for the children.
The school fees are for the children.
Clothing purchased is for the children.
Medication is for the children.

Can the orphanage ever become “self-supporting?”

I would be very interested how this could ever be done, or if there is any orphanage in the world where the children support themselves. I do not know if every country in the world has some sort of child labor laws, but I would hope that they would. 
What is my end in all of this? How long will I be involved?

This is the question that I have asked of the Lord many times. I do not know the answer. All that I know for the present is that God has given me the work to come alongside of these orphans to help meet their needs. Some of you have also told me that God has given you much the same calling. Thanks for your help!

Got questions for me before I leave? donaldrhody@gmail.com

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