Wednesday, January 2, 2019


As you saw in the most recent Kisii Report, when it now rains at the church and orphanage, the water just runs off of the roof on the dormitory for the orphans. We thank God for the completion of this step.

The building still lacks several elements before the children can sleep there, however. There still is exterior plastering to keep the rain from weathering the building, windows and doors that need to be purchased/constructed and installed, screening to keep out the malaria-laden mosquitoes (and hopefully all others as well), and just a few other things.

But all of these matters will take a step backward for now, since
there are more pressing needs to be addressed at the moment.

The need for food is always present of course, and the requirement to purchase items for the building has caused a strain on the food budget. But the matter I wish to bring out in this report is the fact that the first school term of the year has begun in Kenya.

We have 40 students, 32 children in the primary grades, and 8 in secondary. We believe that providing schooling is very important, because for these kids to have a future, they need to be able to receive an education.

This is especially true in the culture of the Kisii tribe, where a family inheritance, as small as it may be, is important in giving a young person a beginning in life. These orphans and otherwise abandoned children, of course, will have none of that, so their hope is to be able to grow up with some preparation in education.

 The cost to send the students to school are different depending upon the level that they are in, but in short, the total cost for these 40 children for this 3-month term is 288,000 Kenya Shillings, or about $3000 US.

It seems overwhelming to me, especially when all the other needs are taken into consideration. But as I told Vivian this morning, everything that God has called me to do has always been overwhelming to me.

Also, many of you have stepped up to help. We are very grateful. When I say “we” are grateful, I of course mean Vivian and I, but even more than that I mean the children and the church in Kenya.

They have never received any sort of help from anyone before, and they are amazed to see that there are fellow believers here in America who care about their situation.

Nothing is taken for granted and all is received with deep gratitude.

Thank You!

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