Sunday, January 13, 2019


Being able to go to school is not an assumption for the children of our orphanage. School uniforms are needed (as they were in most places we have lived), and shoes.
As I reported at the beginning of the school term last autumn, the Kenyan government closed down the local school where the children previously attended.

Not only is the school where they now are going more costly, but it is a considerably further walk for them.
The shoes are important anyway. Not only are they a requirement to be able to attend school, but there are many soil-borne parasites in the ground of the area.

These pathogens can enter through bare feet and bring with them various sorts of disease, so it usually is not a good idea to run around shoeless.

In all of this, the operative word in this report is shoes.

The new school term has begun now, and with some of the money that God recently provided by means of you readers of this blog, we were able to get the shoes needed.

Receiving these shoes is an event. I was not present for this

one, of course, but the pictures bring to my mind the day I was there when the children received the articles of clothing and school materials that I brought with me when I went last year.

The day was full of joy, and it looks as if this one was as well. Even balloons! I kind of wonder if they are still from last year that someone gave me to bring.

We are all so thankful to see how the Lord is continuing with these children. We are trusting that he will continue to provide for the rest of the school costs so that they can all finish out the term.

How is the dormitory coming? It is a bit on hold right now, as we have these school expenses to cover. And food. Always food.
But the dormitory will come! Our continual prayer that has been answered repeatedly is that God will provide for the needs of the children.

It is a week from tomorrow that I leave for Kenya. I will write more as the time approaches.
Questions for me?

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