Wednesday, July 19, 2023


The travelers are on their way, no doubt somewhere over the Atlantic now. With them they are brining 250 pounds of gifts for the children: bibles, sport equipment, candy, personal feminine products, and many more things. These are packed in 5 extra suitcases.

They arrive in Nairobi tomorrow at midnight, Kenya time, which is 8 hours ahead of central time, US. Nairobi is still a long way from Kisii. I actually do not know the plans to go to Kisii from Nairobi. They talked about renting a vehicle, but look at the size of that group! Plus luggage!

I will be interested to keep up with their time there. I know very little about what their plans are, so we will find out together. But I am so excited by the fact that they are on their way! I almost feel as if I am with them!

Prayer requests that the Marquis family (+ Josh) is asking for: Health, safety, and that ALL of their luggage makes it all the way to the orphanage.

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