Thursday, July 20, 2023


The Marquis family + Josh arrived in Nairobi this afternoon at 4:00 central time, but midnight Kenya time. They had a one-hour layover in Doha.

So, it is getting on toward 5:00 AM in Nairobi now (9:00 PM here). Their flight out to Kisumu in western Kenya leaves at 8:30.

This intrepid band of travelers are waiting at the airport in the same coffee shop where we waited when we last went—Paul Caffe, open all night. It a pretty nice place to wait. They have Wifi, and let you sit there forever nursing a cup of coffee. The food also is pretty good.

Actually, our flights when we last went were about the same times as theirs, so we waited about the same as they are doing.

Joanna writes that they got a little sleep on the plane, but one never sleeps so soundly. But I am sure that they will all do fine. Just look how happy they look!

Thanks for your prayers.


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