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Justus Nyabuto – 12 year-old by, found in post-election violence in 2018

Justus was raised up by his aunt known as Banchiri. This boy did not see his mother, but he was told that his mother died two months after giving birth to him and that she was buried in the plot that Justus’s father had bought in Kisumu where both Justus and his mother were living together with Justus’ aunt by the name Banchiri.

The father of Justus divorced Justus’s mother while Justus’ mother was having a three months pregnancy of Justus!! Unfortunately, Justus’ mother also succumbed to death later leaving Justus a young baby of two months old.

Justus’ aunt took care of Justus from two months up to 9 years when post-election violence happened in 2018. That is when the perpetrators attacked their compound and managed to slaughter Banchiri, (Justus’ aunt). They spared this boy Justus because he was young due to sympathy of his age.

A certain vehicle was rescuing the Kisii People from the land of their political opponent. This is where a man who was escaping to Kisii took Justus and put him in this vehicle!! When the vehicle came to a place called Kenyenya this man left Justus at the market and told this boy to ask anyone for assistance and the man went away!

This young boy was directed to our orphanage and he located us by himself. All of sudden he marched to the orphanage compound and explained to us about this touching story and how he arrived at Kenyenya. We reported the case to our local area chief and the chief requested us to allow this boy to stay in the orphanage.

Justus is staying in the orphanage and he is humbled to be natured and taken care of by through the support of Pastor Donald. This boy loves drawing and he desires to be a graphic designer after school. Justus is very much appreciative for every support he receives from Pastor Donald and friends in USA. 

Moses Otungo – 9 year-old boy found in the street in 2018

One Friday Evening when we were heading home after house-to-house evangelism in Riteke village, we met Moses lying beside the road, where there was a huge crowd surrounding him just watching his unconscious body down on the ground!!! We also stood with pastor Vincent and Janet our praise and worship leader.

When we inquired, we were told that this boy Moses was a street boy and in the previous two weeks, he was seen that his health was not good, but that day it worsened!! The market people were there just watching him die because everyone feared taking him to the hospital thinking about what will happen if he will die on their hands!!

We stayed there within the crowd hoping that a good Samaritan will volunteer to carry the responsibility of taking this helpless boy to the hospital, but unfortunately no one was ready for that task !!

All of a sudden Janet our praise and worship leader touched me on my shoulders and whispered to me saying, “Kindly pastor Joel, let us take this kid to the hospital and do not worry he will not die on our hands for the grace of God upon us can cause healing to the boy”

After Janet finished whispering this on my ears, I only said “No problem let us do our part and God will do the rest.” We picked the boy Moses from the midst of the crowd down on the ground and took him to Tabaka Hospital, whereby we shared the issue with the medical officer and he received treatment on debt.

The doctors discovered that Moses was suffering from severe pneumonia since he was exposed to excess coldness there in the street where he used to sleep on the cold floor. On the third day when we went to visit him in the hospital. We were amazed that he had totally recovered from the disease, but we could not manage to settle the bill. By good luck one of the doctors helped us to clear the bills after discovering that Moses’ Mother dropped him in this market.

She had lied to him, telling him that she went for some shopping in the super market before they proceed on their journey from Nairobi into the country, but it was an evil deal of escaping: abandoning his son by the roadside. This is how the boy started hustling with street life after his mother failed to return to pick him! She went missing.

By the advice of the doctors that Moses needs good care and a good sleeping to avoid more attack from pneumonia and other diseases, we found that we were the only option to take care of Moses. We brought him to the orphanage.

Moses is humbled for the way God used us to safe his dying soul and he is praising God for the support and love he receives from Pastor Donald in connection with the church of Kenya. Moses likes quoting that he is a live through the grace of God and he will live to worship him and serve him with all his strength. God bless Pastor Donald, mom Vivian and the Log Church. AMEN

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