Thursday, August 26, 2021


Below is a letter that I received today from Pastor Joel. You will notice that they are presently without food. He is asking for prayer about this. Next week we will be able to send some more help, but for the present, we trust God to supply by some means.

But this is a letter of thanks more than a letter of need. It has been amazing to all of us how God has provided through His people to give these children a home, an education, and a hope for the future.

The building of our orphanage school continues. We eagerly anticipate what God will be doing through this school when it is finished.

I think that I mentioned previously that the Log Church Kenya is presently holding worship services every day.  The pandemic and the difficulties of the restrictions have created a great hunger in that area to know the Lord, and the pastors and the church are responding to that need.

It strikes me that it is not this way in much of the United States. We mostly argue over the science of the vaccine and the gravity of the virus. We spend a lot of time and effort putting down whomever we think is wrong, but very little time in introspection.

Maybe the real lesson of this pandemic has less to do with how good, bad or how partisan our science is, and more to do with how our weaknesses should cause us to turn to the One who has made us in the first place.

Here’s the letter from Pastor Joel


Dear Beloved Dad, Mum and Church,

Greetings in Jesus name, we thank God for the day, and we are humbled for the love, we are thankful for the provision we have been receiving from you all. Thanks once again, we are humbled for the prayers.

We thank God for the work of building is on and this week they were putting up the foundation of the administration block as you can see on pictures, we are praying for you all who have donated for the building this far. We trust God will provide for the building school to be finished and begin a school at His perfect time.

Thanks for the financial help for the needs of children, school fees, clothes and beddings. May God bless you all.

We are now in challenge for there is no food in store. Keep us in prayers God to provide for needs here in the orphanage and Church. Kindly pray for the food situation in Log orphanage Kenya, we request prayers.

Thanks for the prayers for the work in Kenya, surely we need your prayers and help for the furthering of the gospel here in Kenya also Bible is the challenge.

The churches in Kenya are growing in the midst of covid-19. God is putting the thirsty of the word in the hearts of his people put our daily service meetings in prayer. We requesting that God will provide for the church outreach program. Please pray for the church bus this can help in evangelism. We thank you Dad, Mum, Family, Church and all to be part of the work in Kenya.

Thanks God bless you all, we are praying for you all daily and we pray that God will supply for your needs also and provide for these children here with us. Our prayers to God who made heaven and earth who is our help and provider, kindly join us in prayers for the breakthrough for the children to have their needs met.

God bless you all. Thank God to bless you all. We look forward hearing from you beloved. Thanks for all donation all years around may good Lord bless you Abundantly. Thanks we call you blessed.

Yours Son Joel and church/orphanage Leadership-Kenya.

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