Wednesday, February 3, 2021




I take this opportunity to thank God for the gift of life save me from 2020 up to 2021. He cares me from the dangerous sickness like covid-19 or corona virus. This means is a disease starting 2019 that no cure. He gave me food in that i eat in every time and day. Should eat different kind of food in every day. I pray and i believe may god receive us school fees starting our education in our nation. I pray for our pastors to guide us in our education. Amen.



Re: thank you note

I take these precious opportunity to thank the Almighty God for the far he has brought us we as Orphans. Secondly I thank him for he has given us this year 2020 though it was a year of challenges we were affected by corona virus but the Lord granted us his mercy we were   not affected as these orphanage.

I also take this moment to ask Lord to open his ways so that we may get our school fees as we are reporting back to school on Monday 4th January 2021. Thank you.


Re: thanks giving

I want to take this nice moment to thank God for the gift of life. He has protected us since the year started until have come to an end. Even if the year was so challenged by the disease God was on our side. We know we were not much good than those who have died but because of God’s mercy we have reach this far.

I also want to take this opportunity to ask God to open ways for us we are going to start the New Year for the provision of school fees and other needed in our daily life.


Re: thanks giving letter

I take this opportunity to thank God for the protection of life He has given me since the year started up to now. Also I take this time to thank God for everything he has done for me this for is God. Anything that God do no man can do it that’s why I thank Him.

Also I want to take this opportunity to pray for reo-opening of schools on date 4th January to provide school fees to us so that we may continue our education for future life. Thanks in advance God bless you.


Re: thanks giving

I take this opportunity to thank God for the gift of life. I would like to thank God for is the provider of food has been a good protector and I know he will protect us too.

Also schools are going to be opened. I know God will provide schools fees. I will like even to thanks the donators who are donating for us so that God will open the doors for them.


Re: thanks giving letter

I want to take this chance to thank God for the gift of life and also from this year started with any challenges has protects us up to the end. And also I thank our pastors to keep us in prayer and protect us for food clothes shelter and other needs.

And this New Year there is many challenge like to get school fees and other needs but continue to prayer for us to get our needs.


Thanks giving letter

I take this opportunity to thank the almighty God for the far has brought us. Although since the year started well when it reached at the month of March there was a pandemic disease occurred and we left school for the virus. I thank God again for the protection had given us we have not been attacked by the virus. I thank our pastors for God has opened ways we have gotten food, clothes and etc., I pray that when we will return back to school the year 2021 date 4 that May God open ways so that we can get school fees, uniform, pens, books, shoes, socks and etc. May God bless our pastors for the good work they are doing. May God bless you all.


Thanks giving I would like  to thank God for his creation that he created us through his image and likeness. God has guided us until we are going to step to another year. God is faithful that he has provided for us food and clothing.

I would like to thank God to continue providing for us the needs which are going to be required like school fees, uniforms, books and shoes.


Thanks giving letter

I thank you lord. Thank you lord for food, shelter and education lord. Thank you lord because you have saved me from the pandemic disease that have come down to earth and I will finish this year with your love and your strength O Lord. Be praised all the time. You are my future lord. Because of your plan you have saved me from my enemies and have been reached today.

Lord help us to get food  and education  lord. When we will open school on date 4/1/2021 help our pastors to get our needs like food, shelter school fees and other things we need like bibles bless them to get those things lord I will praise you Lord to my end of my life because you are my strength lord. Thank you Lord. BE PRAISED LORD.

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