Friday, December 25, 2020


Dear Readers,

It is Christmas day. Merry Christmas!

The year may have been tumultuous in some manners, but it has been great to see how God has provided for our orphans in so many ways. It is you, the readers of this blog, through whom God has provided the food, clothing, shelter, school fees, plus other needs for these children in the year 2020.

You have done this without any coercion put on you by mailings or “fund raising campaigns,” but simply through you becoming aware of the needs and the Holy Spirit speaking to each of you. 

Vivian and I at home
It all confirms my belief that the work of God does not need Madison Avenue techniques to be accomplished. Believers in the work of God in this world need only to be informed and aware, and the Holy Spirit will let each know what he or she can do.

Thank you so much not only for your gifts, but for listening to God speaking in your hearts!!

It has been wonderful to see how the prayers of Vivian and I, as well as the churches in Kenya and our own Log Church in Wisconsin, as well as the prayers of all of you, have been answered by God.

For example, earlier this month we were able to make a $4000 bank transfer that was enough to provide food almost to Christmas. We were grateful to be able to do this, but I also knew that the food would run out before Christmas day. I was praying, as I am sure many of you were, that God would provide the means so that the kids would not have to face a Christmas not only with no gifts, but with no food.

Quite unexpectedly, we suddenly received $5000! We immediately sent it off, but I still did not know if it would reach there by Christmas. It normally takes the better part of a week to arrive at the bank in Kenya, but this time it arrived in three days!

This answer from God not only made their Christmas brighter, but mine as well. I am so deeply appreciative.

Thank you again and enjoy the day!

Love and prayers, Don and Vivian


Here at the kids enjoying their Christmas meal 
Here is the accounting and report from Pastor Joel:

Dear Beloved Dad, Mum, Church and friends,

Greetings from Kenya Log Churches and Log Orphanage, we are praying for you each day. We are humbled for the help we receive from you all through pastor Donald ,Vivian ,church leaders and friends to the Kenya orphanage and church.

Thanks from the children and church leadership Kenya church, thanks for your prayers which has made the better stay of the children. Surely without your help which God has moved in your heart and prayers, we could have not been able to care these children. Some could have gone from us  to streets because of our limited resources was not able to feed the these children. We appreciate every support we receive from you and also school fees and clothes, home for them and other necessities it could be the challenge. We request   prayers for the work in Kenya as by your prayers God has allowed us to reach this far still we covet yours for the needs of these children under our care their needs be made.

The kids are hold up one of the gifts that
they received. In case you cannot make
them out, they each received a pair
of plastic, gator-type shoes
The schools were closed on Wednesday 23/12/2020 and it will be reopened on Monday 4th
January 2021.We have the threats ahead as from 1st January the prices of commodity will rise as the government as announced. Please keep us in prayer covid-19 has turned things upside down.

We thank God because this is the situation that God provided two days earlier before the food was out of stock. Kindly keep praying for the school fees, also pray for us that the rise of food prices will not affect schools fees to increase.

Thanks for the sermon teachings its helping us greatly keep posting them its maturing Kenya churches. You are all covered in our prayers.

Thanks for keeping the Kenya family in yours prayers and heart. Below is the purchase breakdown of Ksh.500000 received.

Oil 60 litres

One litre =Ksh. 250 x60litres =15000

The kids are holding up the other gift that
they received. To find out what it is,
see the next photo

Vegetables 160 kgs.

1kgs =Ksh. 160x160kgs=Ksh.25700.

Beans 400kgs.

One Kg of beans =Ksh. 250 x 400 kgs =Ksh. 85,000

Sugar 156.8kgs.

1kg=ksh.160 x160=Ksh.25700.

479 kgs of rice.

1KGS =Ksh. 167x479 kgs =Ksh.80000

This to me is one of the more interesting
cultural difference between the Kisii
culture, as well as many African cultures,
and and our own western culture. Where
we tend to value individualism, they
place a high value on a connection to
one another.
Pastor Joel tells me that for these orphans,
this way of dressing as one is also a way
to "celebrate what God has done for them,
who before had no hope in this present life."
These clothes also serve as their choir
uniforms so that people know that
they are from the Log Church of Kenya

Unga ngano/baking flour 143kgs

One kilogram =Ksh.140 x143kgs=Ksh.20,000

558. 8kilograms of maize

One kgs =Ksh.200 x558.8 kgs =111700                                 

Salt 38Kgs

1kgs =Ksh.100x38kgs=Ksh.3800

Sugar 156.8kgs.

1kg=ksh.160 x156. 8=Ksh.25100.

Sanitizer Ksh. 4400

Soap KSh. 3000

Clothes and shoes Ksh. 80,000.

Iron sheets Ksh.30, 400

Workers appreciation Ksh. 10000.

Each worker will get Ksh. 2500.

Transport cost Ksh. 5900.

We purchased food worthy Ksh. 385900 daily consumption is =Ksh. 19600.

Total purchase of food Ksh. 385900÷ daily consumption Ksh.19600=20 days, food will last

Bank Transfer Receipt

from Date 22 Tuesday December to Date 9  January Saturday 2021.

Finally all leadership thank you and all who are behind the Log Orphanage Kenya also children are happy. We wish you merry Christmas and happy festive. God bless you all. Really appreciate all your work and love God bless you.

Yours Son Joel and Log Church/Orphanage Kenya.

Store Receipt

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