Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Vivian and I had a special treat a few days ago when Pastor Joel called. The children of the orphanage had prepared a program of several songs and some testimonies. It was all arranged beforehand, and the orphans who spoke had written out their scripts. Vivian and I stood on the balcony where the cell signal was stronger and enjoyed each song and each word spoken.

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Sorry that you cannot hear the singing, but below are their letters with the picture of each child who shared, plus the letter from Pastor Joel that he sent along with the photos.

Dear beloved Dad, Mum, Church and Friends,


Elizabeth Nyabuto (age 14)

Greetings to all in Jesus name, we are humbled once again for you love, the children were happy for your phone call sharing, surely you refreshed our spirit. Thanks for the sharing and encouragement, may God strengthen you all.
Thanks for the sermons you are posting on the blog it's helpful for spiritual development of the Kenya Churches. All children send their love greetings.

Those children who had the opportunity to share with you were happy to do the wording of they shared with you, now we have attached them you have opportunity.
Thanks for the donations, we are praying for you all each day. We trust that God will provide for food, clothes and other needs. Thanks to all who donated for the orphanage in Kenya. Thanks.

Our prayers are with you all. We request
Moreen Caleb (age 12)
your prayers too.
May God bless you all, Thanks be strong and we know that you are the head not the daily. We trust God will supply for your needs also. God bless you all.
Yours Son Joel and Church Leadership Kenya.


If you would like to help the children of the Log Church Orphanage of Kisii, Kenya, you may make your check out to “The Log Church” and write “Orphans” on the memo line.

Send it to:
The Log Church
PO Box 68
Tripoli, Wisconsin 54564

We now need to pay a wire transfer fee with every payment, which amounts to
Maryjane Nyandwaro (age 13)
$50 each time, but other than that, your donated money will be used only for purchasing food, clothing, schooling, and other necessities of living. Nothing is held back or diverted for any other purpose. Thanks!

Ibrahim Onduso (age 16)

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