Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Since we began the plans for the dormitory, it has been my prayer that we can see the children sleeping there before the rains. The rainy season last year was devastating for their health. Those rains come in about a month.

It has been wonderful to see how God has supplied to get us this far. The people of Kisii are astounded to see how the building has risen so quickly in this poor village, and we have worked closely with the health officials to make sure that we are providing a healthy situation for these children that God has put under our care.

The plastering of the walls (inside and out) has been finished. I spoke with Pastor Joel about having the orphans sleep there now (after we get glass in the windows and maybe some paint on the walls), since the children are still in those two small rooms in a rather unhealthy situation.
He told me that the person who owns the rooms where the children presently sleep has given one and a half free month’s rent for the children, and that the health official has advised the orphanage leaders that we finish the toilets before allowing the children to stay in the dormitory since it is all part of a healthy environment.

Perhaps his thinking is that if we do not do it before the children move in, it may not get done at all. Whatever is the thinking, it is a good idea to get them done.

Installing the toilets and septic system are a big step further for which we presently have no funds. These items will cost $2088.

In order to bring the dormitory to completion, including glass for the window frames, putting in a ceiling, painting and stringing electric lights, the total cost comes to $5932

We are trusting our God to supply all these needs. He has called us to care for these children of His, and our faith is in Him.
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