Saturday, February 23, 2019


The plastering of the interior and exterior of the dormitory is now underway. We are grateful that God has provided a way for us to do this. As always, the building remains a step-by-step process as we have funds. But God has begun this work and we know that he will bring it to completion.

The plastering consists of a cement coating inside and out to provide a smooth surface. On the inside, it helps to maintain cleanliness, and on the outside, it prevents weathering.

We move ahead in faith trusting God to supply what is needed, and it is our prayer that the children will be able to move into the dormitory before the rains begin, probably later next month. 

Of course, the other needs are constantly there (food and other daily needs, and of course the school costs) but we are also trusting the Lord to supply those needs. 

The church itself continues to reach many people for the Lord, and the pastors and others often walk many miles to bring the message of salvation to the people of this, one of the poorer regions of Kenya.
We praise God that he has not forgotten these people, and neither will Vivian and I forget or abandon them. God has not, so how can we?

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