Friday, April 6, 2018


I have not spoken a lot about the day-by-day needs of the orphanage of the Log Church in Kenya. I do not intend to sound super-pious, but my speaking has been mostly to God.

After all, I have always considered this his work. I had no vision for doing this when we first became involved. It was not something that I personally had in mind to accomplish. Quite unexpectedly to me, God suddenly placed it in my lap.

As I have shared before, it is a great surprise to me that God has me involved in this work to this level. I never saw any of this coming when Vivian and I finally returned home after serving for a long time in other countries—none of them in Africa prior to this one. But for reasons unknown to me, God has put the lives of these children in our hearts.

It has been an experience of faith to see how God is raising funding so that the children, who before had not been able to attend school, now for the most part able to do so.

I believe that they have also been able to have meals on more of a regular basis as God has provided money to buy food.

These needs will continue of course, but we are also looking to build an adequate place for the children to sleep. There are even more orphans in the church now than when I was there in November, and many more children end up sleeping on the floor, separated from the dirt by only a thin cloth. It is the girls who are most in need for a sleeping room.

We are in the process of buying materials so that work can begin on a place for them. We have the bricks and are now praying for the provision of enough so that a cement footing for the walls can be poured. It is a slow work, but we know that God will provide in his time.

Thank you also as you pray for this.

Meet a few more of the orphan girls below:
This is Mongina  Kaisa. She is 8 years old and an orphan in our orphanage since 2016. She was found thrown in a rubbish pit, crying and brought to our orphanage. She is in  grade 3. She likes singing and reading the Bible. She also wants to become a teacher.
This is Eunice Nyandwaro. She is 9 years old and an orphan in our orphanage since 2016. She was left alone when her parents were involved in a severe road accident. She is in  grade 7 and likes singing and playing with other children. She also wants to become a doctor.
This is Vivian Mosoti. She is 7 years old and an orphan in our orphanage since 2016. Vivian was picked from the street and brought to our orphanage after her parents were unknown. She is in grade 2. She likes singing and reciting Bible verses .She also wants to become a nurse.



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