Wednesday, March 21, 2018


"Before you call, I will answer."

Several times I have explained to Pastor Joel of the Log Church of Kenya that it is not my intention to solicit funds for the 32 orphans under their care.
"God will do that," I have told him. 

“If this is the Lord’s work, then he will provide. Our task is to continue to work at what the Lord has given us to do, and to bring our requests to him.”

It is a constant life of faith, since there are no pledges of funding or any source of regular income. I am not sure how this has been for all at the orphanage, but it has been amazing to me to see how God is meeting the needs. The experience for me has been a series of lessons in living by faith.

Occasionally, because God has moved in someone’s heart, they will give to me or send to me a little money (sometimes a larger amount of money), for the support of the orphans. When enough has been accumulated to make it worthwhile to pay the transfer fee (it costs $10 to send $500), I send it to them. This week I did that. Joel always gives me an accounting for how the money from each transfer is used.

This time however, the sending and the receiving was especially interesting to me. Between the time that I sent it, but before it was available to them in Kenya, I received a text from Joel. He told me that the children had been sent home from school until they could find the money for school fees. Also, he said that providing food for the increased number of children now had was getting increasingly difficult.

“Please pray with us in asking our heavenly Father that these needs be filled,” he wrote to me.

I was able to respond to him, “There is money already at the Western Union office. In the morning, you may go and pick it up.”

It reminded me of some words of God about caring for his people. He says,

“It will also come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear.”

God knew of the need beforehand, and he had it all arranged. I did not have to speak to others of the need. God spoke. He had answered even before the call.

Thanks to all of you who listened to God speaking to you, so that these needs could be met.

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