Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I wrote this poem for my Vivian for Valentine’s Day in 2007. We were living in Guatemala at the time, hence the reference to the birds singing in mid-February. The poem may seem a little sappy to you, and I guess that I agree. I don’t care. I love my wife.

Read the poem slowly and softly. The title is…


It is much too early to rise, my love,
It is even too early for words.
Lie still for a moment by my side, my love;
All that needs to be said is being sung by the birds.

It is much too early to stir, my love.
Open slowly the shades of your eyes.
The day breaks quite gently, as it were, my love,
As the sun begins slowly to illumine the skies.

Lie close beside me and be still, my love;
Let the light kiss your forehead and cheek.
As the sun has kissed, I also will, my love,
And as I find my voice, (choosing only quiet words to speak)…

I will tell you what it is the birds sing,
I will tell you why the sun will rise.
The birds are singing of the love that I bring,
And the light of the sun will bring that love to your eyes.


It is much too early to rise my love,
But these moments we don’t want to miss.
As the birds greet the light of the skies, my love;
In this early hour, I greet my love with a kiss.

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  1. Beautiful words and in this world of rush and run how special to dream of quiet moments together and praise God for His love for us and how we cherish moments with Him in quiet also.
    Happy Valentines Day to both of you and so refreshing to read your beautiful words for the love of your life.---Gloria


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