Saturday, February 2, 2013


We are just coming out of yet another cold snap here in Wisconsin. The folks here tell us that we have had cold weather this winter more than in several years.
By the way, several of you have written telling me of your concern for Cora (see Cora’s Predicament by scrolling down a couple posts below). Cora is fine, and no calf yet. Perhaps she is listening to my advice.

The following poem started to come to me one of those frigid days as I was walking across the field on my way home from the woods.


The thermometer read twenty below.
But with the stiff north wind that began to blow,
Much lower still, the cold striking my face.
It stung on my cheek as I trudged through the snow.

I struggled to quicken my sluggish pace,
But I had grown weary, not fit for the race.
Then like an old man, the cold, arctic wind
Tightened around me in an icy embrace.

Against his cold chest I felt myself pinned.
Then he looked down at me and evilly grinned.
He told me, “Just give in. Lie down and sleep.”
Then let out a laugh, though he knew he had sinned.

With that cruel laugh, I felt the wind creep
Down my collar in front and settle in deep.
I wanted rest. I could no longer try.
And the hill ahead looked unbearably steep.

With abating strength I lifted my eye,
And there in the spot where the land meets the sky,
A faint glimpse of home! But enough to refute
The wind of the north tempting me with his lie!

Though I had no strength, I lifted my boot,
And looked on ahead to consider my route.
I placed my foot down- homeward in the storm.
Mere inches closer to the place I’d be warm.

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  1. Thank you for this poem. I needed this especially today


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