Monday, December 3, 2012


It is December and we are entering into the Christmas season. The choir at our church sang a song yesterday that reminded me of a poem that I wrote on Christmas Day several years ago.

The first part of the poem (From Mary to me) is loosely based on the song that Mary sang (the Magnificat) after she learned that she was to give birth to Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

The second part (To Mary from me), is my response 

(from Luke 1: 46-55)   
From Mary to me:
There are no words that I can speak
In any language of man,
That can express my thoughts unique
And say what no tongue can.

It is only my soul that can give voice –
My spirit must express my mind.
It is through these I will rejoice
And sing my song to all mankind.

God has remembered me – me His maid,
Though in humility I dwell.
To God I looked, I saw, I prayed,
And now His majesty I tell.

Great and holy is His name.
His arm does mighty deeds.
To our fathers He also came,
And the hungry ones He feeds.

And those, like me, the lowly ones,
He has chosen to exalt.
All human rule becomes undone,
Stuck down by prideful faults.

Generations will call me blessed,
For truly blessed I am.
But it is God’s works that I confess
With the faith of Abraham.

To Mary from me:
Sweet virgin mother Mary,
This one of whom you sing,
That little one you carry,
He is my Lord and King!

He may seem small and meek,
His tired little head will nod.
But when you kiss that chubby cheek,
You kiss the face of God!

He is the stalwart Lion.
He is the Paschal Lamb.
The mighty God of Zion,
He is the great I AM!

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