Monday, December 10, 2012


I have really nothing of great significance to write this evening, but thanks to Facebook (or no thanks), many people from several countries know that today was my birthday. So, I thought that I would chronicle my day. I thought of this beforehand so I even took some photos.
It was a wonderful day. I woke up to our first snowfall of any real significance, about four or five inches. It was sunny early in the morning and then clouded over, and the new snow did what new snow does – it transformed the landscape into something entirely magical.
The snow also gave me a chance to try out my new (new to me) little skidsteer for plowing the yard and driveway. It worked great! Zip-zip, and I was done.
For part of the day I made some shelves for the shop of my nephew (at least, my nephew in a round-about shirttail-relation kind of way), but a highlight of my day was going over to my folk’s house, sitting on the deck and having a cup of coffee. Both my dad and my mom died some years ago, but quite a number of years ago, when we were once home for the winter, it was a very mild 10th of December. I went over to visit mom and dad. Mom and I sat out on the deck for a nice visit and a cup of coffee. After that, every year when Vivian and I and the boys lived overseas, mom would sit on the swing on my birthday and have a cup of coffee, remembering our time together.
That’s what I did today. It was not quite the balmy day that it was those many years ago, but the coffee tasted very good and I recalled many pleasant memories of growing up on that farm, and especially the memories of my mom.
Now, this evening I have with my Vivian. What could be better?  For my birthday, she made me a lemon meringue pie from scratch and using real lemons. I hope each of you also have a 61st birthday as nice!

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