Saturday, January 6, 2024


Dear pastor Donald, The church and all friends,

Praise God, My name is Maryjane Nyandwaro. On behalf of other girls we want to thank the Lord for this far He has brought us. Thanks for the gifts and donations of all kinds you usually send to us. You have helped us with school fees, food and clothing in the past years and we pray God to bless your families too.

We equally thank you the recent provision of Christmas gifts that you gave through our pastor. Actually we enjoyed here in the orphanage the way other children enjoyed with their parents at their homes. Indeed, it was awesome! 

 We request for your prayers again this New Year 2024. We will pray for you, your families and the church there as well. May God bless you abundantly. Amen.


Thanksgiving to Log Church in USA on Behalf of Boys

Log Church here in Kenya. Yours: Moffat Miruka

Dear Donald Rhody, Vivian Rhody, Marquis Family and Friends

I take this opportunity to thank God because of you and all your family members and the church for your generous giving to ensure that we are taken care here at log orphanage located in Kisii-Kenya. You have hearts of helping and we shall keep mentioning you before God almighty that He may shower you with all blessings in the heavenly realms as Ephesians 1:3 says.

I thank you for the provision of all our necessities over years. We celebrate you all. We pray God to open you more doors as satisfy you too. May God bless you for what you are doing to us through Pastor Joel. Your reward in heaven is great.


Dear Donald Rhody, Vivian Rhody, Marquis family, and Log Church Family

Praise the name of the Lord. My names are Brian Mouti. I hereby write this letter to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and support which you send here at our Log Orphanage Kisii- Kenya.

We have received all the basic needs through your love and giving. Surely you have changed our lives positively and it is God who can reward you for this great commitment. Surely goodness and Mercy shall follow your lives and your families too.

Let His grace be sufficient to you all. I also thank Pastor Joel for teaching us on how to grow spiritually in the house of the Lord. May God continue to empower all of you and enable you to meet all your needs and desires of your hearts. The Bible says in 1st Thessalonians 5:18; that we give thanks to God in all circumstances, as we keep praying for each other.

Thanks again   and God bless you our beloved donors.


This is Ibrahim Onduso From Log Orphanage Kenya

Praise the name of the living God.

Dear beloved spiritual parents. We praise God because of your prayers, support towards our Log orphanage Kenya. We thank God for your support towards the church, Orphanage and the ongoing school building. We praise God for his faithfulness in the year 2023 and we trust Him this New Year 2024.

Through your prayers and support, the Log church Kenya has nutured our God our gifts and God-given talents. We can compose songs and preach through singing to many souls.

I always get empowered by Psalms 100:4 that says “Enter into his gates with a password of thanksgiving; we thank God because of you have stood with the ministry in Kenya. We trust God will continue using you so that you can enable us fulfill His purposes on earth. Hope God will provide fund of finishing the school project too. Glory and honor to His name.


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