Thursday, August 31, 2023


My name is Constantine Mosomi. I am one of the students living here in Log orphanage Kenya. I take this opportunity to salute Log church family USA and all friends of a good will to our Kenya orphanage.

It’s my pleasure to appreciate the Lord for my life in this orphanage. This is a place where I have been taught a lot more especially concerning God’s kingdom. I have also learnt about my responsibilities as a teenage boy such as looking after cows, keeping hens and garden work.

My experience together with other children in Log orphanage has enabled me to appreciate everyone around, to love and accept them despite all the struggles and challenges in their lives.

Right now, I have a very big heart and I would do anything to help anyone when I go out of this facility in the near future after I am done with my education. I will use my resources to look after the orphans, vulnerable kids and the less fortunate in the society.

I am very much favored to be in Log orphanage home and I am very much humbled.

God almighty bless all our donors. Hallelujah.

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