Thursday, April 27, 2023


             Despite occasional rainy skies, we praise God that the concrete work was completed for the first story. No ready-mix or pumper truck, all the work was done by hand with two gasoline powered mixers and a power winch to lift the cement up to the floor.

            The videos are not clear, but you can get the idea of how the work was done. The photos below may help more.

We were pressed to get this stage of the building done, since all of the forms were in place.
Also, there is the fact that we must move ahead. Both the builder and the cement company were kind enough to complete this work on credit. As you can see in Pastor Joel's accounting below, after the deposit, we still had a debt of something over $11,000.

Praise God that we were given a gift of $10,000, most of which we were able to put toward the debt. However, the orphanage was

again out of food, so we used $3000 to buy food. Alas, that $3000 will not go too far in feeding all of the kids and staff, perhaps about 10 days.

Of course, food is the constant need, and despite the fact that it costs close to $10,000/month so

that all the kids and staff can eat, and despite the fact that there have been times of hunger, we praise God that for these past 6 years, we have been blessed.

Concerning the school building, we already see that God may have other uses for it. I will share more

about this in the future, but the next step now is to completely finish the ground floor, complete with doors and windows and toilet. With the help of God, this will be done to move on with what He has planned.

Below is the report from Joel:


Dear beloved Dad, Mum, Church,

and all Donors,

Greetings from Kenya church family,

We thank God for all of you for the provision towards the Log Orphanage and the work in Kenya. Be assured that what you have given is what has done this

great work. Thank you for those who sent the deposit for the cement.

We were able today to begin to pour concrete. The work began by the grace of God. Thank you for your love and prayers. Yes we have to pay the building company

for the material supplied on debt, but now we have it in place.

Please keep praying for the work in Kenya and for the provision to clear the debt. 

Praise and glory goes to God for this great work that is done by His hand through you. Thank you for

who blog readers, we are humbled for you all for hearing God and moved to help.

Sure, we wish you come all and eye witnesses the work God has done. Yes we have the great journey ahead, we have come back as one leper to thank all as a

testimony for your generousity. Beloved families we are praying for you all.

We request your prayers and help to complete the project of school to help our community to eradicate illiteracy and make gospel to reach the unreached as also this school as Godly center where people will have encounters God. Thank you once again.

May God bless you all, kindly pray for the food and other needs. We love you all and treasure you in our hearts. Thank you. God bless you all really good, we call you blessed.

Best regards.

Son Joel and Church Leadership.

The quotation up to where the school building is today but we are doing the accounting of
what we received so far.

Below is what we received Pipes and labor =Ksh. 158000

700 bags of CEMENT X Ksh.1050=735000

16 Lorries of Balast X Ksh. 20000=320000

12 lorries of Sand X Ksh. 30000=360000

100 D16 - Metal to enforce floor X Ksh. 2600= KSH. 260000

Labour Ksh. 170000

Total 2003000 -sent Ksh. 200000 sent before trip - Ksh. 100000pipes - 380000 deposit Cement =Total Debt Ksh. 1, 323, 000 

Plus metal sheet to hold concrete for 21day cost Ksh. 100000, we have 550 pieces one cost ksh.182.

Grand total debt Ksh. 1, 423, 000 +64,000 extra labor costs + 40000 water =Ksh. 1527000. (US$ 11,232.61 at today’s rate).

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