Wednesday, March 22, 2023


The rains here have now seemed to begin in earnest. A couple of nights ago it rained violently all night, as well as most of yesterday. Last night was not quite so rainy, and for today we had many dry hours, even with sunshine. But late this afternoon as we were driving back to the hotel, it again rained very hard for about an hour.

As I write now it is about 8:30 PM. I again am hearing rolling thunder and seeing flashes of lightning outside. It is a lot of rain, but the people here are happy, because before these rains, they have been in a drought since November.

At the orphanage, our “water harvesting” system is working full-time. This is the system that we have put in place at least one-year ago. We have put in rain gutters for the dormitory building as well as the kitchen and the dining buildings. 

All of this water is channeled into a large water tank.

There is also an auxiliary tank that is used for irrigating the garden.
The water from the tanks provide water also for the dormitory and the kitchen. When Kenya is in a drought, the tanks can be filled by tanker truck, but this rain to us is like money in the bank, since each time a truck comes to fill our tanks, it costs about $75.

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