Monday, March 20, 2023


After an absolutely full and busy day on Sunday, we slept very soundly last night. This morning (Monday), we had a quiet morning when I was able to catch up on some of the finance accounting. I wanted to do that before Pastor Joel came later so that I could go over some things with him.

Both Joel and Amos arrived about noon, after a meeting between Joel and myself, all five of us then headed out in Amos’ car south, toward Narok County. This is the land of the Maasai tribe. The countryside is very different than where we are near Kisii town. The land opens up into broad fields and pastures. Indeed, the Maasai are famous for their large herds of cows and goats

It is also the land of lions, leopards and other wild cats, and what is called the African wild dog, which although it is of the canine family, is not a true dog. It is an animal that is unique in the world to sub-Sahara Africa. These animals are large, run in packs, have their own specialized hunting technique, and have a hypercarnivorous diet. They will kill antelope by running them down to exhaustion.

Because of this, the men of the Masaii will always be seen carrying a stick and a knife. It
has become part of their character. It is like a cowboy putting on his hat and gun when he goes out in the morning.

I did happen to have a jack-knife in my pocket, but we encountered no lions or wild dogs. We instead were greeted by four of the cutest little girls that I have ever seen (excluding my own granddaughters). They came up to us in the marketplace. When we put out our hands, they very shyly came up to

us so that we could touch them and shake their hands.

In that same marketplace there was a man with a little plot where he grew kale. I did not know that this plant grows to at least the height of a man. As it grows, the bottom leaves are harvested, leaving the top to continue to grow.

I guess the afternoon was like a tourist afternoon. It was nice and relaxing, and educational.

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