Tuesday, March 14, 2023

KENYA 2023 - DAY 1

On the day before we left on our journey to Kenya, we received a foot of snow.
That was
Sunday, the day before yesterday. Our Highlander cows have short legs anyway, but now they have no legs at all. As they move through the snow, you see no leg movement and it seems like they are skimming along the top, their bellies leaving wide furrows in the top of the snow behind them.

That afternoon I plowed our driveway so that our sons Jesse and Matt could get to our place to take care of the animals in our absence.

This calf with white markings is about the fifth of
the new breed of Highlander Cattle that we have
developed after generations of careful herd 
management and genetics. We are calling this new
breed, "Two Pine Highlanders"

Yesterday, Monday, Vivian and I left the farm at 7:45 on our way to the pharmacy in Tomahawk to get tested for Covid, a necessary step to enter into Kenya. The test had to be done less than 72 hours before flight time.

It was Larry who discovered this for us. Larry is a friend of ours from the Log Church who is traveling with us on this trip. I am sure you will hear more about Larry as the days roll on. He told me that he has always wanted to go on a mission trip, but this is the very first time that he had the opportunity.

One day after church I told him that since Kenya was at one time under British rule with many Englishmen living in the country, the people there would know what a butler is. So I asked him if it would be ok if I could introduce him as my butler.

Vivian and I with "Jeeves"
Larry seemed ok with it, so if you hear me speak of “my butler,” or if I am calling someone “Jeeves,” you will know it is Larry.

Larry has quite a background, including a history of military service. At this very moment, we are sitting in the MSP airport waiting for our flight. Because of his military background, he was able to invite us into the Armed Forces Service Center, so we have nice comfy chairs and free snacks.

“Good ol’ Jeeves!”

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