Wednesday, December 21, 2022


Dear beloved Friends,

Our prayers are with you all, the church and leadership of the Log orphanage Kenya are humbled for the work you are doing, we have no reward for you, but we are praying that heaven to honor you and bless you all. Thanks to all who have donated throughout the year 2022. We request your hand of help for the work in Kenya. Thank you for the food and necessities.

Ksh.700,000 ($6000) received for food budget

Rice=592 Kilogram, one kgs=Ksh. 250 x 592kgs=Ksh.148,800

Cooking oil =120 litres, one litre cost Ksh. 450x120litres=Ksh.54,000

Maize =862 kilogram, one kg =Ksh.290 x 862=250,000

Omo  17 kilograms , one kg @ 150=Ksh.2,600

Vegetables 363 kgs. 1kgs = Ksh. 160x363kgs=Ksh.58,000

Unga ngano/baking flour 200kgs One kilogram =Ksh.160 x200 kgs=Ksh.32,000

Salt 76Kgs=Ksh.7600

Beans 343kgs one kilogram Ksh. 350=Ksh.120,000

Transport cost Ksh.7,000

Workers appreciation Ksh. 19800 we have four volunteers work one @Ksh.4950

Thank you, God bless you all, we are praying for you all daily and we pray that God will supply for your needs also and provide for these children here with us. Our prayers are to God who made heaven and earth who is our helper and sustainer. Kindly join us in prayers for the breakthrough for the children to have school building school, school fees, food and clothes. By the grace of God we request your prayers.

We are praying that God will send you to Kenya and see the work you are support. Welcome Kenya all of you to witness the great work God is doing through your prayers and help.

God bless you all. We love you and may God keep you all in good health. God bless you all. We look forward hearing from you beloved. We are humbled to wish you Merry Christmas and prosperous happy new year 2023. We look forward to the blessings that God has for us in heaven places.

The food we bought will last until 29 Dec. 2022. We have received shoes and clothes will come this week before Christmas. We send pictures later. Thank you

Yours Son Joel and church/orphanage Leadership-Kenya

(Receipts below)

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