Tuesday, September 13, 2022


Brian Ombati: 17 year old boy found rejected in 2016

Brian was born out of wedlock and his parents started wrangles because of his birth outside marriage. His mother was chased by her husband and the child became rejected. But due to his mother loved him he went to stay with her in Kisii town. However, by bad lack his mother died of liver cancer and left him.

We found him during our crusade having nowhere to go and decided to take him under our care to give him hope. Initially before we adopted him, he used to sleep in the nearby Nyabioto primary school where he used one of the classrooms to be his sleeping place at night. He had to leave early in the morning before children arrived at school.

Brian then started roaming in the village day time looking for food to eat from good Samaritans. Brian likes quoting that “maybe it was not the plan of man for him to be born but he has come to believe that in the mind of God he was to be born and nobody could stop him from being born”.

This boy tells other children in the orphanage that as Moses was sent by God to rescue the children of Israel the same way pastor Donald was sent to Kenya to rescue the hopeless kids like him.

He says that he will also ask God to give him an opportunity and heart of helping many in future when he is capable after school. He always says that he must try the best he can to extend hand of support to some kids who will be suffering rejection like he used to when he becomes stable in life.

May the merciful God stand with the families that donate their wonderful help to us through Pastor Donald of Log church USA.


Ibrahim Onduso: 17 year old boy found in the street in 2016

Ibrahim was raised up by a single mother and they used to live where the mother worked, but unfortunately when post-election violence took place his mother was killed and a neighbor adopted him. However, at the end the neighbor abandoned him, and when he became desperate, he went to the street and became a street boy.

By the fact that his mother was single and did not own any property of land to help Ibrahim settle there, this boy was really lacking a place to belong. His family background is not known by anyone around. No one could help him until we rescued him from street life.

This boy Ibrahim is now thankful that he belongs to log orphanage family by the mercy of God and he can testify that he can see a bright future that God has prepared for him through the good care in the orphanage.

He is a young evangelist and he wants to reach more souls after school in the near future. God bless every hand that gives to help us continue with life in the orphanage.

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