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Annastanciah Okerosi: 18 year-old girl who came to the orphanage in 2019 as an internal refugee

Annastanciah got misplaced during the 2017-2018 post-election violence. The town they lived was attacked by peace perpetrators who were burning houses of other ethnic tribes, destroying properties and also killing other tribes who were not from Kipsigis tribe, and the family of Annastanciah were of the Kisii tribe! It was a terrible night to the residents of Bomet who were not of the Kipsigis community!

This is where the family of Annastanciah came outside of their house and all of sudden they were terrified by a great sound of gun shooting and screaming!! They dispersed everyone running for his/her safety! Annastanciah managed to escape the ethnic conflicts and crossed to Kisii border at Borabu sub-county.

Right there at the border she met with a Kisii woman known as Divinah Moraa who helped to pay fare for Annastanciah to Sengera bus stop. Annastanciah opted to travel to Sengera because she once heard her mother say that she has a close relative at Sengera shopping center. Upon her arrival at Sengera she was not recognized by anyone as a relative but one of our church believers took her to his home until earlier January the year 2019, when the believer was overwhelmed by his family needs and he was jobless, so he requested us to adopt Annastanciah to the orphanage premises!!

We gave her permission to join other kids in the orphanage. After the ethnic conflicts came to an end we sent two brethren together with Annastanciah back to where their parents lived but we could not locate them. Their neighbors told us that none of Annastanciah’s family had reported to the rental house where they used to live! We have been making a follow up and even revisiting the area but we cannot be able to locate the family!! We do not doubt that her parents must have been killed!

Annastanciah is now staying in the orphanage and she is extremely joyful to receive support and help from Pastor Donald, Vivian, the church of USA and partially from the church of Kenya. She likes songs and she has a passion of becoming an artist after school. This girl is very much appreciative for the hand of help from log church USA. God bless Pastor Donald, Vivian and all the friends for the donations they send to help us here in Kenya log orphanage.

Malvin Nyabuto: 17 year-old girl who came to the orphanage in 2018, abandoned by stepmother

Malvin was born in a polygamous family and these families lived in Kericho town where both the parents were day workers on tea plantations. Malvin was born in this town in a rental house where both parents were living. Malvin’s father was rejected by his only and one uncle after the death of her mother who was a single parent. Malvin’s father was 22 years old at the time.

He went and started looking for work in Kericho town, and by good luck he was able to marry his first wife who gave birth to Malvin. However, he became polygamous, marrying again.

During post-election violence in 2007 the father of Malvin and her mother were brutally killed. They were burned to ash when the house where they ran for safety  was surrounded by angry peace perpetrators who  put this house  on fire!

Malvin shifted to stay with her step mother who totally rejected Malvin eleven years later. The step mother vacated Kericho town and went to an unknown place, leaving this girl Malvin behind mercilessly. This is where we met Malvin helpless months later and adopted her to the orphanage. The spirit of rejection passed on from the father to Malvin, his daughter!

This girl Malvin is humbled to be among other kids in the orphanage and with the good environment of the orphanage. She has a piece of mind and she is praising God for every provision she gets from log church USA through Pastor Donald. She likes teaching other kids songs of worshiping God and she trains them memory verses.

She has a passion of becoming a teacher of the word of God after school. Malvin praises the great work that pastor Donald is doing in organizing donations that has been helpful to the log orphanage Kenya. To God be all the glory. AMEN

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