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Elizabeth Nyabuto, 17 year-old girl found in the streets during post-election violence in 2018

Elizabeth was raised by a single mother who lived at Rongo from the year 2005. She gave birth to Elizabeth there at Rongo shopping center.

When Elizabeth tried to enquire about their family background from her mother, the mother used to rebuke her and eventually told her daughter Elizabeth that she was misplaced. She always told Elizabeth to stop asking about their family background but instead work hard in school!!

Unfortunately the mother of Elizabeth was slaughtered by violence perpetrators who attacked the flat where they were living. By good luck Elizabeth at the time had gone for sugar at the shop!! On her way back to the house she saw these perpetrators cutting her mother’s neck and other neighbors were tightly held also to be killed. She threw down the sugar, but in her hand she was having a change of kshs 150 from sugar. With that money, she picked a motor bike and escaped to Nyamarambe sub-county.

She did not wish to go back to their rental house at Rongo again where her beloved mother was killed before her eyes due to 2012 -2013 post-election violence. One of the teachers at Nyakeyo primary school adopted Elizabeth to his home and later in November the year 2017 the teacher’s family migrated to the nearby country of Tanzania leaving Elizabeth in the care of their elder brother.

This brother chased Elizabeth from his home due to pressure from his wife who did not want   Elizabeth to be adapted to their family. Elizabeth ran to the street and we found her in need of our help. After listening to her, we came with her to the orphanage.

She is now peaceful in the orphanage and she congratulates Pastor Donald, mum Vivian and all the friends who contribute their funds to help Log orphanage. She likes cleaning the church and reciting memory verses. She has a passion of becoming a teacher of the word of God. Blessings to everyone who donates.

Faith Ontiri, 12 year-old girl who came to the orphanage in 2018

The parents and two siblings of Faith were brutally killed at Bomet while they were digging in the garden of their neighbor as an odd job to earn their living!! But Faith was the only one left back home at their rental house. She had remained behind to prepare tea and take it to the garden for her parents and siblings.

This is where she received the shocking sad news about the cruel death of her parents and siblings as a result of post-election violence!!! She felt down on the floor and fainted!! One of her close neighbor and family friend took Faith and hid her to prevent her from being tortured and killed also!!!

Two days later this good neighbor escorted Faith up to the border of our Kisii and Kipsigis community- a place called Sotik. The neighbor returned at the border and gave Faith Ksh 400 to use as a bus fare to wherever she would like to go for refugee within her own tribe Kisii.

Since she was now on her tribe’s land and would not be killed, Faith bordered a vehicle and paid a bus fare. She was heading to unknown direction since she did not have any information concerning her father’s family back ground!!

All of a sudden she saw us having a crusade at Omoriungamu junction and she abruptly stopped the bus!! After coming down the bus, she directly came to the crusade ground. As the crusade continued she was terribly crying!!

Pastor Vincent went close to her and inquired from her what the problem was! She told Pastor Vincent how her parents and siblings were killed, how she was rescued by her good neighbor and she had nowhere to go from there!! After the crusade we discussed the issue with other leaders and decided to have Faith in the orphanage due to here dilemma station.

Faith is happy to belong to the orphanage where she receives love and support through Pastor Donald in connection with Pastor Joel Kisii Log church. She is a very talented singer and she wants to use her talents more especially after school to glorify God. She really appreciates Pastor Donald and all donors for providing to her daily needs. Surely to this far it is the hand of God!!!


If you would like to help the children of the Log Church Orphanage of Kisii, Kenya, you may make your check out to “The Log Church” and write “Orphans” on the memo line.

Send it to:

 The Log Church

PO  Box 68

Tripoli Wisconsin 54564

We now need to pay a wire transfer fee with every payment, which amounts to $50 each time, but other than that, your donated money will be used only for purchasing food, clothing, schooling, and other necessities of living. We wait until we have $4000-$5000 before we make the bank transfer to make each transfer more economical. Nothing is held back or diverted for any other purpose. Thanks!

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