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Shadolin Mong’are, a 13 year-old girl found rejected in 2017

The name of Shadolin’s mother was known as Sheilla Kemunto. She was one of the casual workers at Ogembo tea factory. She got an access to live   in the factory premises with her daughter and later with a man who was believed to be her husband for several years.

In the year 2017 February, the mother of Shadolin collapsed and died while on duty!! After post mortem was done, the doctors discovered that it was a disease known as fatal arrhythmias!!! it is during this time  that the “so called “ husband to Sheilla denied their marriage and said that Sheilla was just but a girlfriend and they were  not legally married with her!

People suggested that maybe this man denied this intentionally in order to prevent the body of his wife from being buried in his home.  And also they sensed that he wanted to reject Shadolin as her adopted daughter: This is because the man was publicly announcing so!! He kept saying that he found Sheilla with a kid (Shadolin) and they started living together as friends and not as married couples!!

By the fact that the deceased was homeless the body was buried in the cemetery and this young girl Shadolin was left hanging around   without any consideration to her from anyone!!

Pastor Vincent and our church elders were among the guests who attended the funeral and after they witnessed a total rejection to Shadolin by her “so called father” and none was volunteering to adopt Shaldolin and it was evening time they brought this girl to the orphanage and explained the situation. We sat down as leaders the following morning and eventually accepted Shaolin to be part of the orphanage kids.

Shadolin was helpless but now she is receiving good care in the orphanage through the coordination of Pastor Donald and Pastor Joel. Shadolin is humbled for the good care and support he receives from pastor Donald and all the donors in connection with the Log church USA. She is praying God to Bless and protect all well-wishers  that stand with  the Kenya Log orphanage .  She is talented in singing and composing new songs. She has a passion to become an artist after school.

Yvonne Akuma, 16 year-old girl found in 2019 as internal refugee of post election

Yvonne was raised by a single mother known as Lillian Bosibori in place called Kiango. The mother Lillian was homeless but initially worked with a private sector known as clay works in Nairobi. However, when she was released from that work, she came to this place called Kiango, a border town of the Kisii tribe and the Maasai. She was 19 years old.

In this border town of Kiango, she started a business of selling clothes. She later gave birth to Yvonne when she was at the age of 21 while still living in this place. She was living in a rental house with her daughter Yvonne.

It is sad news that during post-election violence that took place in the year  2017-2018, Yvonne‘s dear mother was killed by the Maasai solders while on her way from the market together will other 3 Kisii women!!. They were slaughtered mercilessly to death!!!

The solders escaped after committing these brutal killings! The corpse of the deceased was buried in the cemetery. Yvonne‘s mother died at the age of 34 years while her daughter Yvonne was at the age of 13 years then.

One of the Masaai woman adopted Yvonne to her home and Yvonne stayed there for only 1 year and in January the year 2019 this Good Samaritan passed away after suffering from high blood pressure!! She left Yvonne and her two elderly daughters who were not married that they stayed with in their home.

Terribly the daughters of this woman immediately chased away Yvonne from their home after burial of their mother. We found Yvonne desperate and homeless in January 2019. We sympathized with her situation and decided to bring her to the orphanage.

Yvonne is greatly happy   to be in the orphanage premises she remembers a time when she was hopeless and none could consider helping her  from her horrible situation at that time. She is very much thankful  for  pastor Joel and pastor Donald  because of  having a vision of starting log orphanage here in Kenya.

Now Yvonne has a lot of hope in this orphanage facility. Yvonne is much grateful to the Log church of USA that is being led by Pastor Donald and Vivian in supporting and encouraging the orphans where she is included. Yvonne likes teaching young kids during Sunday school lessons and she has a passion to become a teacher of the word of God. 

Nancy Mon’gine, 14 year-old girl found abandoned in 2017

Nancy’s mother was married as a second wife to a man known as Kefa. She was married to her husband as a second wife already with Nancy who was 6 years old by then. Nancy’s mother stayed in this polygamous family for only two years and in the year 2015 she left this marriage and went to unknown place.

There were rumors that she might have gotten married to someone else but the information could not be substantiated!! Two years later the family left the rental house where they were living in Sotik town and abandoned Nancy alone in the compound. They lied to Nancy that her mother was on the way to pick her and together with her mother they can join the rest of the family later that day where they had gone.

Nancy was left joyfully waiting for her mother and the other family had gone as a means of escaping from Nancy. Nancy waited for two days and later realized it was a lie. She remained in the rental house for two weeks but nobody came for her. She started searching for her so called “father” but it was cumbersome to find him and the rest of the family!! She had been already abandoned without her knowledge!!!

Some days later she was found holding a rope with bad intentions of hanging herself in that lonely house! Wanting to die!!

She was rescued and when we heard the information we went there for prayers, upon our arrival we counseled Nancy and decided to bring her in the orphanage. She is now happy to interact with other kids in the orphanage and she is grateful to receive care and help from Pastor Donald and the church of USA in connection with Pastor Joel.

Nancy is thanking  God for  pastor Donald,  the  log  church USA and other  friends for the  hand  of support: she says that she could have died untimely but because of  pastor Joel and pastor Donald she  is existing. Glory to God for the help and support.

It is Nancy‘s sincere prayers God to stand with the families of every well-wisher   in all aspect of their lives.  She likes singing and she desire to be one of the best gospel artist in the world.

Amen and Amen.


If you would like to help the children of the Log Church Orphanage of Kisii, Kenya, you may make your check out to “The Log Church” and write “Orphans” on the memo line.

Send it to:

 The Log Church

PO  Box 68

Tripoli Wisconsin 54564

We now need to pay a wire transfer fee with every payment, which amounts to $50 each time, but other than that, your donated money will be used only for purchasing food, clothing, schooling, and other necessities of living. We wait until we have $4000-$5000 before we make the bank transfer to make each transfer more economical. Nothing is held back or diverted for any other purpose. Thanks!



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