Thursday, January 27, 2022


As all who read these posts on the orphanage in Kenya know, the orphanage is not the only work happening in Kisii.

There are also two churches that are known as the Log Churches in the area. One of the churches is right next door to the orphanage. The other is some miles away in the village of Nyakembene.

Like many churches here in the US, these two churches went through many challenges during the pandemic times, including lengthy lockdowns and number restrictions when they were allowed to meet.

Nevertheless, even in the midst of the covid-19, they were able to reach and grow by 250 additional souls in 2021. Now in 2022, they are renewing efforts to reach their areas with the Good News of Jesus. They are praying for 1200 people to come to God.

Pastor Joel, Pastor Vincent and the leadership of the two churches are asking for prayer for these efforts. They are also asking us to pray for some items that would help them in this work.

Included in this list of items is 4 box speakers and an amplifier. A large tent would also be useful, since there in the hills of Kisii, rains can come at almost any time.

Transportation is another need. Public transport is not always readily available.

Also, another need that is very important is Bibles in the local Ekegusii. They are praying for 500 of these Bibles to be given to the new believers.

Thank you so much for your prayers for this effort by the churches there. People in these areas are very open to hear the word of God.

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