Friday, November 12, 2021


Vivian and I are anticipating our trip to visit the children and members of the two churches in Kenya. Much has changed since the last time I visited in 2019.

1.   The dormitory has been completed.

2.   A vegetable garden has been established.

3.   A water irrigation system with rain collection and tanks has been built and installed.

4.  Both of the two churches have had to construct larger buildings because of all the people who are attending. There are now about 700 members in the two churches.

5.   A good beginning has been made on the construction of a school building on the orphanage grounds.

6.   In addition to all of this, God has provided funding for the daily needs of the children, food, clothing, bedding, and all the rest.

7.  God has also provided funding so that the kids all have been able to attend school while they await our own to be completed. This is no small cost - $15,000 to $20,000 per year.

It has been amazing for me to see what God has accomplished in this short time – all of it by His mighty hand. There will be much for us to see and do, and many people to meet. The schedule for our visit is in the photo below. Thanks for your prayers for all of these events with many people, and thanks for your prayers for our safety and health.

Joel’s letter below:


Dear Beloved Dad, Mum, Church and friends,

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. We are humbled once again when we remember how great your help that you have donated for the children in Log Orphanage Kenya, which has brought hope to them. We as the church and staff we are praying for your all who have taken your time and resources to support these children. We appreciate your efforts to help may God provide for your needs also.

We have made the cost estimates for the forthcoming your trip for overseas. We trust God will send you to Kenya and see what God is doing through your hand of support. Welcome Kenya in near future of two weeks to come.

Dad we have received new cost of fuel which has made everything hard because here fuel is what mostly used and even food cost is increasing daily but we trust all will be well we request your prayers.

Below is the trip report and budget.

Hotel Cannas Kisii – Bed, breakfast and Supper: Ksh. 5000 daily x 13 nights = Ksh. 65,000 ($650)

Car hire from airport and return – Date 1 and Date 14 Ksh. 28,000 ($280)

Car hire 12days from hotel to the church: The owner of the car is letting us use it without cost, but the fuel costs will be Ksh. 2500 x12 = Ksh.30,000 ($300)

Mask 10,000 ($100. This will purchase 500 masks. There are about 700 church members, and these masks are for those who do not have money to buy their own)

Covid-19 test Ksh. 14,900 ($149. This is the required PCR test needed for Vivian and I for our return flight to the US. We also need one before we depart for Kenya, and we have arranged that here)

Food budget for members – 12 days x 3700=Ksh.44,200 ($442. I am not certain of the details of this expense, but we will be having a noon meal at the church at least on some days, and many people will have walked quite a long distance to attend. Like Jesus told his disciples, “We need to feed the people so that they do not faint on the way back to their homes”)

Miscellaneous –  Ksh. 50,000. ($500)

Total = Ksh. 242,100 (About $2,421.00)

We thank all who donated for the garden. It is serving the orphanage better. May God bless you all. We are in a period of replacing old vegetables and planting other species (see picture attached).

We are humbled for everything you are doing for the work in Kenya. May God reward you and all with you. Keep praying for the school building. We look to God for the provision. Keep for the churches in Kenya to have Ekegusii Bibles.

The orphanage also has needs like blankets, mattress and bedcovers. Thanks for your prayers and help which have made us to this far may God protect you all. We request your prayers for the food and school fees.

Finally, all leadership thank you and all who are behind the Log Orphanage Kenya also children are happy and humbled for the provision receive their thanks giving. God bless you all. Really appreciate all your work and love God blesses you once again.

Yours Son Joel and Log Church/Orphanage Kenya

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