Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Dear beloved Dad, Mum, Church and Friends,

Greetings from Kenya family, we are humbled to praise God for the week and grace to be
able to let you all know how your family in Kenya with the orphanage is faring. Thanks for your prayers and help to the Log Orphanage Kenya. We pray for daily and we thank God giving you the burden to come and connect with the family in Kenya in the near future.

We are requesting God to send people for the journey to Kenya and see the needs for Kenya. Beloved we request your prayers, for God to supply the needs of the children food, school fees, clothing and other needs. We thank God for everything, we are humbled for the help you sent was used to pay school fees. The school administration was pressurizing us because of Covid-19 things has changed now they needed to buy school materials all at once. We paid Ksh. 400,000 for the schools, and Ksh. 100,000 for food. We are sorry for this since it made the food short.

See receipts attached, but we Thank God that some members of church have donated some food  plus what bought which will help  this week through Sunday praise to God. We trust God for next week to provide food.

Thanks God bless you all, we are praying for you all daily and we pray that God will supply for your needs also and provide for these children here with us. Our prayers to God who made heaven and earth who is our helper and provider. Kindly join us in prayers for the breakthrough for the children to have their needs met by the grace of God. We request your prayers. We are praying that God will send you to Kenya and see the work you are.

On the school building, the engineer decided continue building with the material which had been purchased and will supply material where needed. The manager of the company said they will be patient to wait for any period when God will provide.

Thanks to all who are praying for the work in Kenya. May you God provide for Overseer Don to come and see the work God you are using him and all who help. God bless you all, we request your help and support for these children and Overseer Don and Mum trip. Thanks. God bless you all, we look forward hearing from you beloved. Thanks.

Yours Son Joel and church/orphanage Leadership-Kenya.

Receipts below:

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