Tuesday, September 21, 2021


The building of the school continues, and as you can see with the pictures, the floor and
columns have been completed. The walls and the rest is yet to be done on the ground floor. All in all, there is still a lot yet to be done, but we praise God for bringing us this far, and thanks to you as well for helping in this.

The ground floor is the first step. Below is the revised quotation for the completed ground level.

The church is also continuing to meet every day. God is working in Kisii, and the Log Church there is meeting many spiritual needs of the people.

We are praising God for what He is doing. Vivian and I continue to pray about making a trip there, but there are so many conditions to be overcome if we are to go. We are not fretting about this decision, but simply waiting to see what God will do.

Here is Joel’s latest letter:


Dear beloved Dad, Mum, Church and Friends,

Greetings from Kenya our prayers are with you all, we trust that you are well. The church here is praying daily for you and more are coming to God. Keep us in prayer. The work is so great here. Pray God to send labourers for the Kingdom.

We thank God for the prayers and financial help for the school and orphanage in Kenya. We are humbled to thank each and every one who gives his hand to support the work in Kenya. May God bless you all.

The building is on progress we trust God will keep providing. Thank you!

The money received Ksh. 600,000 you can see pictures of received. The quotation of materials to finish the ground floor see it attached.

Keep us in prayer as we do daily. Humbled for the work you are doing sure may God provide for you and bless the work of your hand. We trust God will provide for for the building continue. May God bless you all.

Finally all leadership thank you and all who are behind the Log Orphanage Kenya also children are happy and humbled for the provision receive their thanks giving. God bless you all. Really appreciate all your work and love God blesses you once again.

Yours Son Joel and Log Church/Orphanage Kenya






D8       =          220 PIECES   X         850      187,000

D10     =          350 PIECES   X         1000    350,000

D12     =          350 PIECES   X         1400    490,000

D16     =          100 PIECES   X         2500    250,000

D20     =          40 PIECES     X         3000    120,000

BINDING WIRE                   7 ROLLS       X          10,000                        = 70,000

SAND                                     20 LORRIES X         25,000             = 500,000

BALLAST                              12 LORRIES X        20,000             = 240,000

CEMENT                                1000 BAGS    X         950                  = 950,000



6 X 1   =         350 PIECES  14 FEET         X         400       = 140,000

3 X 2   =         300 PIECES   14 FEET          X         400      = 120,000

TREE PROPS             = 420 PIECES            X         300                              =126,000

BRICKS         20,000 X 20                                                    = 400,000

NAILS 2½       = 1 SACK                    = 12,000                    = 30,000

3                       =  1 SACK                 = 12000                       = 36,000

4                      = 1 SACK                  = 12000                       = 48,000




WINDOW      6  X 5                         =          16 NO             X 15,000          = 240,000

WINDOW      4 X 5                           =          4 NO X 12,000                        = 48,000

DOORS STEEL 4 X 8                       =         5 NO X 24,000                       = 120,000

DOORS WOODEN 3 X 6     =          9NO X 15,000                       = 135,000

DOOR FRAME                                 9 DOORS X 2000     = 18,000

WHITE WASH CEMENT                 30 BAGES X 950       = 28,500


TOTAL 5,196,500

Receipts below. Press "READ MORE"

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