Thursday, June 17, 2021


Dear Beloved Dad, Mum, Church and friends,

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. We are humbled once again when we remember the great heart you have towards the work in Kenya. We as the church and staff we are praying for your resources to support these children. We appreciate your efforts to help. May God provide for your needs also.

We appreciate all blog readers who are sending donations to pastor Don, Vivian and Church. God bless you all, thanks. Thanks goes to the Log church in USA and Kenya for the 13 days when we had no food at the orphanage. Members from Kenya church sent  food, and out of the 13 days children missed food for only 6 days. We thank God for sustaining you and Kenya family. School payment.

Rianyakwara Primary fees paid =KSh.57,100 fees Balance =Ksh. 88,100

KIMAI  DEB primary  Fees paid Ksh. 57, 000,Ksh. fees Balance Ksh.57,100

Matagaro Secondary fees paid Ksh. 100,000 fees Balance =Ksh. 92,200

Total school balance is Ksh. 237,400.

Our prayers are with you all. We are trusting God for the provision. We looking to him daily
to help this work here to have the school for primary and Secondary school students. But this remains to God to lead and supply what is needed. We know it needs the hand of God for all what needed to be accomplished.

We have attached pictures of the ground where school and how the compound is close to church and orphanage house and the clearing and preparing the ground for the school pictures will be send as we begin. We will need for the start of footing we can need Ksh. 800,000.

Kindly praying for the school building project. Thanks

Below is the expenditures for the money received on Wednesday.

The food budget  was Ksh385, 900.

Maize =558.5kilogram, one kg =Ksh.200 x558.5=111,700.

Cooking oil =60itres,one litre cost Ksh. 250x60litres=Ksh.15,000.

Sanitizer 29litres, one litre @ 150=Ksh.4400

Vegetables 160 kgs. 1kgs =Ksh. 160x160kgs=Ksh.25700

Unga ngano/baking flour 188. kgs One kilogram =Ksh.140 x188 kgs=Ksh.26,300

Salt 38Kgs=3800

Sugar 156.8kgs. 1kg=ksh.160 x156. 8=Ksh.25100

Beans=400kilogramm,one kgs cost Ksh. 250x400kgs=Ksh. 85,000.

Soap 20Kilogram,1kg @150=Ksh.3,000.

Rice=479Kilogram,one kgs=Ksh. 167x479kgs=Ksh.80,000

Transport cost Ksh.5900

We thank God for the provision, day consumption (breakfast, lunch and supper)=number of days. 385900 ÷ Ksh. 22364 =17 days

Food purchased will last as from June 17 to Thursday  July 1st 2021.

Our prayers are with you all. Thanks God bless you all, we are praying for you all daily and
we pray that God will supply for your needs also and provide for these children here with us. our prayers to God who made heaven and earth who is our help and sustainer. Kindly join us in prayers for the breakthrough for the children to have their  needs building school, food, clothes by the grace of God we request your prayers.

We are praying that God will send you to Kenya and see the work you are support. Welcome Kenya all of you to Kenya witness the great work God is doing through your prayers and help . God bless you all, we thank God for the regular provision even when delay comes we learn the lesson to remain trusting God more and more in our life is the time to develop our faith grow strong and stronger.

Be of good courage. We love you and may God keep you all in good health. God bless you all, we look forward hearing from you beloved. Thanks.

Yours Son Joel and church/orphanage Leadership-Kenya

Images of receipts below:

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