Thursday, June 24, 2021


Dear beloved Dad, Mum, Church and Donors,

Greetings from Kenya family, we are humbled and we glorify God for the provision for the foundation of the school. We are in the process of clearing the land and waiting material and letter of authorization of building and from ministry of Health.

The engineer came and measured the land according to the new rules of building classes the land will fit for classes building. He advised us because of limited land factor, we begin a building foundation that can support more than one story. We are waiting also building architectural plan. We are sorry to report that in Kisii County is one of the county under lock down for 30 days this might slow some process but at end we will begin.

We pray for you all each day for each hand which has involved in the orphanage and progress of the church may God reward you. May you not experience any sickness and lack. We have attached the document of covid from the ministry of health.

They have closed, churches, markets and all public gathering, but only schools are running. Things are changing here but God is in control. We will be updating you as we continue. The land clearing and landscaping it will be taking as the number is limited in doing it because of covid-19.

Keep us in prayer as do. May God bless you all who are helping and praying for you work in Kenya. Thanks.

Materials receipt we will send on the next as we are waiting letters from Health and government certificate of building plus  architectural plan. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks we are praying for you all and trust that we will see you coming to Kenya in the future with Overseers Donald and Mum Vivian. Welcome Kenya, may might God provide for your needs and for Kenya church-Orphanage. Thanks.

We are glad for the trust you have for the weekly report which is posted on blog by Pastor Don. May God bless you all. Thanks for your regular help. Thanks. Greetings from the children and churches leaders as we met together.


Yours Son Joel and Log Church Leadership

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