Wednesday, February 17, 2021


(These are the last of the thank you notes sent to me in early January)


Thanks giving letter

I take this opportunity to thank the almighty Lord for his great love he has taken me since the schools were closed up due to covid 19. I also thank the lord for the good health.

Another chance to thank the Lord for our donors for supporting my life and their great love. I pray to God to provide for my school fees on 4th Jan 2020 as I am going back to school. May the almighty Lord be my provider. In every necessity and may the Lord bless you.



Thanks giving letter

I take this moment to thank God for the gift of life that he has given me since I was born up to now. Again I thank God because of his mercy that he has for us. Also I thank Him, because of these year 2020 of many challenges about corona virus and many others. Again we also pray that God to have mercy on us forever and as we are going to start a new year 2021 God also to open ways so that we can go to school and God to open ways to get school fees.



Thanks giving letter

Hello! I thank God for this time and this far he has brought me and I am towards to cross the year even it has been the year of diseases and locusts. In this year we have experienced diseases like covid-19.

This disease it has been killing people. And it has cost of closing of school, markets and churches for a time, but God opened them. I thank God for reaching me where I am, I know many wished to reach here but they don’t reach. I know that I am not better than them but this is by God’s love and care.

And I pray when the school are going to be opened on date 4/January/2021. God may open his doors, for me to have all things which needed in the school like books, pens and uniforms and I know this covid-19 it may attack many pupils in the school, but all is under Gods, protection.



Thanks giving letter

Dear sir  It is  a golden opportunity that I have reached today, so I thank  God for everything that he has done in my life since January up to now. I also thank everybody in this ministries for his support to us, our Pastor Joel and other pastors I am glad to see everybody for his support by providing clothes, shelter and food so I thank God for that.

I thank God for this far for I am seeing his hand upon my life and others, I also thank our visitors from USA for supporting this orphanage  and the ministry I pray so that God may open ways to receive many visitors in our home care.

I thank God for his going to open ways in January so that we get school fees in our studies, food and other needs.



Thanks giving letter

I thank you God for this far time He as brought me from. I also give you thanks for already crossing me this year 2020 to 2021.

May you continue with me this year and add me knowledge because I here in our country we lack food, clothes, so God keep is in prayers.



I thank God for everything has done to me. I thank him very well for his good ness and his kindness that has given to me that now am a life. I thank Him for guarding me from the evil devils. I thank him since the year started I have been in the home care. I thank him because he has use our pastor Joel to care for us. I thank you for enough food, cloths, health, shoes and life. I pray so that date 4/1/2021 that we can get school fees  pens, books, uniforms, bags, rulers and pencil so that I pray that we can be available to get effects of school it was our plan so that we can go to school thanks.



I want to thank the almighty God for the gift of life and the far has brought us I also thank our pastors for the care and the support that they gave us in this year I also pray that in 4th of January God to open ways so that we can get school we need like books, school fees, pens, socks and other needs. May God bless you.



I thank God for everything has done for me this year. God has given has good works we are doing for him we  are seeing good to God this year pastor Joel Ombati. He has done good things to us this December in the year 2020 he has buying cloths for the children so we thank God because he is doing good thing to our life is good to praise is word God has done wonders  to my life when I was in 2019 I was do not nothing when In 2020 my life started to be well. God bless you Pastor.



Our prayers are with you all Pastor Don, Vivian, Family, Church and Donors,

We are humbled for the provision of the needs of the Log Orphanage Kenya may God bless you all, we honor you for obeying the voice of God to help. May God shine your way as we approach New Year under the guidance of God. Happy New Year 2021.    

God bless you abundantly. Thanks.

Yours Church leaders.

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