Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Dear Beloved Dad, Mum, Church and friends,
Greetings in Jesus name, we thank God for the love and love, we are praying for your safe each day. We trust that God will keep you safe under his wings. Thanks for every remembrance for the family in Kenya.
We are humbled for the help you sent we bought food and the children are sending their thanks for helping for food because we had many days of starvation but we are humbled to God for everyone who sent help to Pastor Don and Vivian. Be assured that we do receive the help and kindly keep praying for us we request not grow weary of praying and helping despite the challenge you go through.
We are challenged with the corona virus. You also but things here are tough because we have nothing from government to help. Because everyone is struggling kindly help your family in Kenya for the well-being of the 49 Children under our care
 This is what is on the ground: it is the hardest moment ever in the lives of people in our country Kenya. Since the break of Covid 19 pandemic began in Kenya like in other countries in the world.
 Everyone was caught unaware and unprepared to adjust life, so many people have lost their jobs and the economy seriously affected. In our community most people depend on odd jobs and small scale farming. Things changed to the worst  when those people working in our cities lost their jobs, they are the majority who send money up country even to hire people of odd jobs in helping them in the garden here at the rural areas hence the majority who depend on odd jobs are totally palarized.
Those in my community who depend on small scale farming also are affected since transportation of this produce is a great challenge with the lockdown and curfew times right now. Their commodity has no value since there is no exporting as it used to be in the previous times.
Most families are really starving and the government is not helping
their families with anything for survival. It is a great struggle to get their daily meals at this time of covid 19 pandemic. It remains only God to stand with his people because the government is not giving food to even the poorest families in all over Kenya except in urban areas where landlords and landladies were requested to avoid harassing their tenants with rent issues. But most landlords and landladies did not comply with the president directive some governors in urban areas rarely donate food staffs but governors in rural areas do not support their members at all.
The challenge is overwhelming but we believe God is in control. Kindly let us join hands to pray for our church believers outside there and the people of God everywhere in the globe God to supply to their needy and heal them from covid 19 pandemic.
  Thanks for your prayers and help, we request your prayers for the orphanage and church for the church members who are starving and staying without food some are now one month without food. Prayers are needed. May God bless all the hands that have helped and supported the children in Kenya spiritually, financially and even through you prayers, we need your prayers in this time as we also pray daily for you all. Be encouraged God is on your side. God bless you all.
 Yours Son Pastor Joel and Log Church/Orphanage Leadership
Joel also included a link to a website from the Netherlands that gives a good summary of how Kenya has been affected:

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