Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Dear Beloved Dad, Mum and Church,

 Greetings in Jesus name, our prayers are with you all, we thank God for the work you are doing of helping the children here in Kenya.
Here as the Log Church Kenya, we have not stopped doing same. The picture attached is of what the church was able to bring on Sunday to feed the children, it is Uunga Ngano (Swahili for wheat flour). It used to make snacks, or what is called chapatti (There is a significant Indian influence throughout Kenya. This is since the colonial days) and mandazi and used as food. 

Our prayers are with all willing hearts to help these children to have food. Thanks for the past provision that we received from you through Pastor Don and Vivian also we request your continual support and help for the stay of these children, school fees and food. We are praying that we can begin growing vegetable in modern way to have food for the children. (See the post on Hydroponics)

 Beloved we have no food and this is the second day that children have not taken anything. Imagine of children going to school without taking any food, coming back from school at noon for lunch, reaching home to find no food, and then to journey back without any thing to quench the hunger. They are starving greatly.

Kindly keep us in prayers and help where you can. Our trust is in the Lord to provide for us and for children, and may good God provide for your needs also. We know that you are struggling too kindly remember us also.

Kindly, your family in Kenya.

(I had actually sent them some money the day that this email arrived, so they were soon able to buy food. However, I will also say that probably most weeks they have at least one day without food—as do many people in that impoverished area) 

 School fees:

We thank all who donated for food and some for school fees. Still we have the school fees balance.

Previously the school used to be $3000 for the 42 children (per 3-month school term)

Now it has changed as the 2 children promoted from Primary to Secondary they added school fees of $500 both of them. Also as we mentioned early on the email and posting Pastor Don on the blog we have 7 more orphans added to 42+7=49 so the seven added their school fees $700 as they are in primary so we need $4200 for school fees this term plus, the food which is the biggest challenges as we have no place to grow of our own.

 We have paid as follows on the each school and what is remaining
  Matagaro secondary School paid=$400 balance=$1800
 Rianyakwara primary school paid =$200 balance=$1050
 Kimai Primary school Paid =$200 balance=$950

 Beloved is God alone can answer and provide for this school fees and food for the children, we are praying and trusting God for provision, kindly if God speak these do not close your eyes in helping, thanks to all who have been close in helping and praying for this work in Kenya, keep praying for this work in Kenya.

We are reaching more souls we have two churches now and we are trusting God to open mores churches to reach souls. But this will not happen without your prayers, help and support for us to have Bibles, build churches structures and also helping orphans and the people in the community spiritually and physically.

We request hand of help and support toward the needs of the Log Church Kenya and to the orphans under our care. We have more needs but we trust in God, who can supply what we need. May you be the next one God will use.

We are struggling in raising these future leaders and ambassadors of God’s word. Kindly join us as we continue ministering to our communities.

Beloved welcome to Kenya church to witness what we are speaking in letters which cannot be explained well. God has put in us to reach more souls.

We do not know where resources will come from but we leave it to Him alone. Kindly be the vessel of honor that God will use to accomplish the work here in Kenya.

Job said (Job 1:21) “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and I will be naked when I leave.”

Thanks to all who have accepted this work to make up part of their crown.

Welcome to Kenya. God bless you all, we call you blessed.

 Yours Son Joel and Church/orphanage leadership. 

If you would like to help the children of the Log Church Orphanage of Kisii, Kenya, you may make your check out to "The Log Church" and write "Orphans" on the memo line. 

Send it to:
The Log Church
PO Box 68
Tripoli, Wisconsin 54564
Every nickel given in this way will be used for only aid for the orphans. It will be used for purchasing food, clothing, schooling, and other necessities of living. Nothing is held back or diverted for any other purpose

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