Friday, June 28, 2019


Dear Beloved Dad, Mum and Church,

Greetings in Jesus name, we thank God for you all, for your prayers and financial support to make these children have hope and to know that God is the provider.
Thanks for your donations hereby we praise God for every remembrance of you all, surely if not you and support these children could have not known that God is the answer you have made the church in Kenya to grow spiritually and through your prayers we have reached more souls for the Kingdom. 

The church.

We are glad to thank all who are praying for us and we are humbled to report that the teachings we are getting from Pastor Don blog and for his trips has made Kenya church reaching to the other level.
We are happy to report that the building we are using now has became smaller and now we are carrying services meetings outside and the sunrays is affecting us and we request your prayers God to supply so that we can expand the existing building to be lager to accommodate all of the members.

Dad, we are happy that the Nyakembene Fellowship has grown through these teachings on the blog and we have decided with church leadership here that we will be sending Pastor Vincent every Sunday to minister there Keep that in prayers, we are pressing on despite the challenges of lacking, we will do the work of God in season and out of season because the grace of God is
We have attached the pictures church service we are carrying outside surely hiring this tent need money and it does not accommodate all you can see others on sunshine and also rain is other side problem kindly pray for the Kenya church. 


Call unto me, will answer and show you mighty things.
The USA church has taught us the ways to trust God. We are very much thankful to God for every provision of food through you and we are humbled that even if we sometime lack food and stay hungry we have every reason to thank God through your help and prayers.
Food is the daily need and it need our attention keep praying for us that God will supply food for these children. We thank God for the donation we received whereby $400 went to food  see pictures attached on how we are using every money we get it goes for food  pictures attached this food will last for five days we need your prayers also and $400 went to school fees.

We are humbled for the provision of school fees despite we have  school balance of $2000 of these term we are seeking God to provide and make financial door open to clear the balance before the term ends.
You are in prayers and we cover you in prayers each day and we trust God of heaven to supply for your needs also. God of heaven may hear our prayers and answer the cry of your children to clear the school balance and have food, thanks father for you hear our prayer in Jesus name we pray. Amen. 

Clothes/shoes and beddings.

We are humbled to thank God for your regular support for the Log orphanage Kenya, we have seen how you have been so faithful on the little that God has blessed you with and how merciful you are for the Kenya family.
We request your help also for the clothes, shoes and mattresses and bed covers, these are the things that need to be replaced each time because they wear out and cannot be repaired. The children here with us have no clothes to change and sometimes can wear one for almost a week without changing and washing their clothes, the children here walk bare footed to school.
Kindly beloved help as God will lead you, we are passing through hardship in raising these children but we thank you for your prayers, we request you help for them to have clothes, food, school fees, and beddings for them have good hygiene.
Thanks to all who donated for the building and now they are well and they have a place to call their home.
Dad, thanks for the love you have for the work in Kenya never grow weary God will send laborer who will labor with you, thanks also for you have not abandoned us, thanks for adopting us to be your children and part of your family in Kenya.

Beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord we request your help for these children and we seek God to send you to Kenya see these work you have been supporting through Pastor Don its reality that the family here need your prayers and help for them to stay well and have whatever needed for their survival and stay.
Thanks as you consider to help this family in Kenya to care for these children. Ours prayers goes to heaven on your behalf. Kindly we request your prayers and help. Thanks May God bless you and guide you all, we call you blessed.
Yours Son Pastor Joel and Church Leadership.
Would you like to help but don't know how?
You can make a check out to "The Log Church" and put "Orphans" on the memo line of the check. Send to:

The Log Church
PO Box 68
Tripoli, Wisconsin USA 54564

Every nickel given in this way will go exclusively for the needs of the orphans of Log Orphanage of Kisii, Kenya.
Nothing is held back for any other purpose

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